10 LGBTQ Must-Reads for Pride Month


Celebrate Pride month with these reads!

Pride Month is in full swing and with it we have rounded up some must-reads to add to your June TBR! From memoirs to fantasies to romances, these reads celebrate the authors and stories of the LGBTQIA+ community. You definitely won’t want to miss out on these books during Pride Month and beyond!

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1. Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour


Sara Foster and Emilie Dubois each have a past of their own, carrying secrets that they’d much rather keep hidden. When the two women first meet at the high-end restaurant, Yerba Buena- Sara as the renowned bartender and Emilie as the flower arranger- there is no denying the sparks that fly. But when their pasts, and the choices they’ve made, begin to catch up with them, Sara and Emilie must decide if their blossoming romance can overpower it all. This heartfelt romance is a must-read!

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2. Open Deeply by Kate Loree, LMFT


Follow along as licensed marriage and family therapist, Kate Loree offers a guide into the non-traditional and sometimes challenging world of consensual non-monogamy. In this compassionate and insightful new release, Kate Loree delves into the realities of consensual non-monogamy, sharing groundbreaking advice on how to navigate this lifestyle and develop the necessary skills to form healthy and happy relationships. Kate Loree’s Open Deeply is not just a guide for consensual non-monogamists, but for anyone who may need a helping hand to learn compassion and understanding in their own relationships.

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3. Let's Not Do that Again by Grant Ginder


Politician Nancy Harrison is determined to win a seat in the Senate and she’s almost there. But there’s one thing standing in her way- her own kids. Nick and Greta are grown but adrift; Nick is drowning in his pursuit to write a musical and Greta is letting her life slip by as an unmotivated retail worker. When Greta ends up making headlines for her involvement in an extremist group’s protest in Paris, Nancy and Nick must race to find Greta, not just for the sake of the campaign, but for Greta’s sake as well.

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4. What We Give, What We Take by Randi Triant


In 1967, Fay Stonewell traveled to Vietnam and joined a carnival whose main purpose was to entertain the troops. In her wake, she left behind her disabled teenage son Dickie in the care of an abusive boyfriend. As the years pass, both Fay and Dickie struggle to find their way and leave their pasts behind. This deeply moving story is one of second chances and what it takes to survive, even when all hope seems lost.

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5. Out of the Blue by Jason June


Dive into this flirty and heartwarming romance that is sure to make a splash! Crest, a human-hating merperson, has just embarked on their Journey- a month-long excursion on land where they must help one human in order to return to their society and become an Elder. If they fail, they will be cursed to remain as a human forever. So, when human lifeguard Sean asks for Crest’s help to make his ex-boyfriend jealous, Crest readily agrees. But as the two spend more time together, Crest’s opinions on humans slowly begin to change and what started as fake dating starts to turn into something more, leaving Crest and Sean torn between two worlds.

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6. A Little Bit Country by Brian D. Kennedy


Emmett Maguire wants nothing more than to be the biggest gay superstar in country music. Luke Barnes hates country music because of all the pain it has caused his family. But when the two meet at the theme park where Emmett is performing and Luke is working, sparks fly and they soon become inseparable. That is until a long-lost family secret between Emmett’s country music idol and Luke’s grandmother is brought to light that threatens to destroy everything the two have built. This heartfelt LGBTQIA+ romance is bound to have you turning page after page!

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7. Greenland by David Santos Donaldson


David Santos Donaldson’s debut novel-within-a-novel is an unforgettable story that reveals how the past mirrors the present. Kip Starling is an author tasked with writing the story of Mohammed el Adl, the young Egyptian lover of author E. M. Forster. However, as Kip immerses himself into Mohammed’s life, the similarities between the lives of the two men become more and more clear. Donaldson expertly and seamlessly overlaps the two stories to create a unique and thought-provoking blend of facts and fiction.

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8. The Chandler Legacies by Abdi Nazemian


At Chandler, the elite boarding school, five teens form an unlikely group of friends as they are brought together in what is known as the Circle- an infamous and exclusive writing group where friendships are born, and secrets are revealed. Each student has experienced the abuse and intolerance of Chandler and they all have their own truth to reveal. But will their truths be enough to make a difference in the privileged environment of their school? This memorable story is one you won’t want to miss!

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9. Reader, I Murdered Him by Betsy Cornwell


Adele has always lived her life in the shadows, so when she is given the opportunity to attend boarding school, she is more than happy to enter the glittering world of society girls and their wealthy suitors. However, Adele quickly learns that there are shadows in this world too. After a violent assault occurs, Adele turns to a young con woman and together they become vigilantes, taking justice into their own hands, and protecting their fellow society girls. This thrilling historical novel has a heart of queer romance and is entirely irresistible!

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10. The Restless Dark by Erica Waters


The Cloudkiss Killer is dead and now a true-crime podcast is holding a contest to find his remains. But they’re not the only ones looking for answers. Lucy, Carolina, and Maggie all find themselves connected to the mystery in one way or another and they are desperate for something; answers, a new identity, a place to bury their secrets. But there is more to this mystery than meets the eye and as they dig deeper, the three girls risk revealing something even more terrifying than they had ever imagined.

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