How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Addicted To Social Media

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Always being on your phone to look at different social media websites can be distracting to a significant other. Read this article to see if your boyfriend may need an intervention!

Being born in a generation where social media and technology has boomed can have an affect on us growing up and our adult lives. We are always on our phones and computers because that's what is booming nowadays. With that being said, this can play a part in our relationships as well. If we see our boyfriends or girlfriends on Instagram or Snapchat then it can cause a little controversy. So, if your boyfriend is constantly on social media it can be distracting and cause problems with your guys' relationship. It may be time to talk to him about putting the phone down and start paying attention to you.

Being addicted to looking at your phone or looking at social media can be really distracting for a person, especially in a relationship. If they don't pay attention to you and are deciding to look at their phones instead of spending time with you, then your boyfriend may be addicted to social media. If he can't put his phone down when you are out to eat and wants to Instagram the meal, then it may be time for an intervention. If he is using his phone while going to the bathroom and it's the first thing he looks at when he wakes up before looking at you, then he is definitely addicted. Once this is established and you've realized that your boyfriend needs to put the phone down, then you can begin to help him understand why he must give up being on the internet so much. First off, it's not healthy for your eyes to be looking at a screen that long and it's not good for your wrists when you think about it. It can cause carpal tunnel with all of the scrolling and typing which isn't good for the long term. So, you talk to your boyfriend and tell him that he really needs to monitor his time on his phone or computer. You can talk to him about the side effects of being on the phone too much and tell him that he is going to miss out on memories with you. There are so many one time memories that people miss out on because they're looking at their phone or playing around on Facebook. Tell him the truth and make sure that he understands about the consequences of using too much social media.

If your boyfriend fits these symptoms then it may be time for you to have a talk with him. He needs to know that he is taking away time from you and focusing on something that is less important. It is extremely difficult to talk to a person that isn't even paying attention to you. If your boyfriend is constantly on social media and doesn't even post about you, then read this article to find out if it means anything at all. If you're not receiving the attention you need from your partner then you need to communicate that assertively but calmly. You don't want to make anyone mad or hurt so it's best to speak your piece and let them understand where you're coming from. Relationships are about communication and if you don't have a very good foundation then it's really difficult to be happy. So, talk to your boyfriend and show him that you can be addicted to social media and then tell him he needs to take a step back and cut down on the phone usage.

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