Quiz: Only 1 in 50 People Know The Meaning Of These 22 Fundamental Words

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Do you know the meaning of these 22 fundamental words?

Test your vocabulary skills by defining these 22 terms. If you know the meaning to these words, then you are a walking dictionary.

 Apr 23, 2021

1 of 22Pick One:

Inherent (adj)

2 of 22Pick One:

Prejudice (noun)
Fruit before it's juiced
An unfair like or dislike for something
A dirt road

3 of 22Pick One:

Adversary (noun)
An enemy
A friend
A plane

4 of 22Pick One:

Envelop (verb)
To mail something
To enclose something
To eat something

5 of 22Pick One:

Overrun (verb)
To seize the position of and defeat
To vanish
To win a marathon

6 of 22Pick One:

Repute (noun)
The state of lacking respect
To tell the truth
The quality of being held in high esteem

7 of 22Pick One:

Flaunt (verb)
Display proudly
To express gratitude
To cook a delicious dish

8 of 22Pick One:

Transform (verb)
To drive
To change form
Running forward

9 of 22Pick One:

Feral (adj)
Wild and menacing
A style of furniture
A sympathetic person

10 of 22Pick One:

Ecological (adj)
The state of being feral
Having to do with the layers of the ground
Characterized by the living organisms within an environment

11 of 22Pick One:

Grip (verb)
To stop immediately
To hold firmly
To let go

12 of 22Pick One:

Polygamy (noun)
A type of kangaroo
Having more than one spouse at a time
A style of cooking

13 of 22Pick One:

Depreciation (noun)
An increase in value
A decrease in value
A strange occurrence

14 of 22Pick One:

Bellhop (noun)
A type of doctor
Someone who carries luggage for a hotel
An elevator operator

15 of 22Pick One:

Implausible (adj)
Very likely
The state of being paused

16 of 22Pick One:

Distributed (adj)
Scattered and divided

17 of 22Pick One:

Supreme (adj)
Greatest in status
A type of soup
A large factory

18 of 22Pick One:

Cinematographer (noun)
A plant biologist
A bellhop
A movie camera photographer

19 of 22Pick One:

Lethargy (noun)
A strong attraction
Unusual lack of energy
Something lethal

20 of 22Pick One:

Suitability for living in
The state of being hospitable
A large vocabulary

21 of 22Pick One:

Gullible (adj)
Hard to pronounce

22 of 22Pick One:

Obstinate (adj)
Made of obsidian
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