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 Mar 21, 2021

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In 1901, the British royal family changed their last name from _______ to Windsor.
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

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What century was Coca-Cola founded?
19th Century
1st Century
21st Century

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The ___ goes from Georgia to Maine.
Susquehanna River
Appalachian Trail
Pacific Coast Trail

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A Geiger Counter measures ______________ .
Earthquake size
Blood type
Tsunami level
Nuclear Radiation

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Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar for which of the following movies?
My Fair Lady
The Nun's Story

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Maryland is named after ________.
The Virgin Mary
Queen Mary
Mary Lyndon
George Washington's wife

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What was the first capital of the United States?
Washington D.C.
New York City

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The Hunger Games book series was written by who?
Suzanne Collins
Eckhart Tolle
Gene Roddenberry

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Jennifer Lawrence co-starred in which of the following sitcoms?
The Bill Engvall Show
Malcolm in the Middle
That 70s Show

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Moby Dick was written by ___.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Herman Melville
Mark Twain

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True or False: The color orange is named after the fruit.

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What is the farthest planet from the Sun in our Solar System?

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The first bicycle was invented by ___.
Baron Karl von Drais
Leonardo Da Vinci
Thomas Edison

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True or False: The tuxedo suit is named after a small town in New York.

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George Clooney starred in which of the following TV series?
Ginny & Georgia

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Pablo Picasso co-founded ___.
Abstract Expressionism

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True or False: The Mona Lisa is less than 2 feet wide.

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The movie Casablanca takes place in what country?
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