Words Are Everything. How Many Of These Vocabulary Terms Do You Know?

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Can you prove you're a wizard with words?

Are you a walking dictionary? This quiz will test your general knowledge on challenging words. Good luck.

 Mar 31, 2021

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Obscure (adj)
Unknown or uncertain

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Pertinent (adj)
A specific location
A type of forest landscape
Relevant to a particular subject

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Conspicuous (adj)
Having a cone-shaped quality
Standing out
An ornament containing fruit

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Impending (adj)
Reasonably late
About to happen
The quality of being short

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Stamina (noun)
The opposite of endurance
Extreme energy
Ability to sustain a prolonged effort

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Meticulous (adj)
Showing extreme care for small details
Something with horns and ridges
The quality of being metropolitan

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Jabber (verb)
To talk rapidly
A fencing move
A feet movement

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Diminish (verb)
To turn a light off slowly
To decrease
To increase at a fast rate

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Muster (verb)
The process of making mustar
To use a musket
To collect or assemble

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Outlandish (adj)
To leave a land
The outside of a land
Bizarre or strange

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Translucent (adj)
A type of fish or sea creature
Lasting only a short time

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Commotion (noun)
The power of moving from place to place
The state of being dedicated to a cause
A tumultuous disturbance

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Tactic (noun)
Understood or implied
A strategy carefully planned out

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Eavesdrop (verb)
Part of a roof that meets walls of a building
To secretly listen
A plant process used to convert sunlight to energy

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Fugitive (adj)
A person who has escaped from prison
A chemical substance added to soil
Guiltily attempting to avoid attention

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Hasten (verb)
Move fastly
To tie up securely
To single out a specific person or thing

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Versatile (adj)
The state of being made from a rectangular slab of clay
The state of being made of velcro

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Zeal (noun)
Eager desire
A type of Parmigiana dinner
A happy accident
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