The Absolute Best Tom Petty Lyric Quotes Top Honor The Memory Of A Legend

Best Tom Petty Lyric Quotes /

A list of the best Tom Petty lyrics & quotes to honor his memory.

The Best Tom Petty Lyric Quotes To Remember The Legend:

Since the news of Tom Petty's passing many fans are seeking a meaningful way to express their condolences and celebrate the life of the rick legend. What bettter way to remeber the icon than through the best Tom Petty lyric quotes.

Whether is was his solo work, a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song or a Traveling Wilburys tune that stole your heart, you remember Tom Petty not as an American musician, but an earthly legend.

Petty was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of 2002 and sold more than 80 million records worldwide. He suffered a cardiac arrest on the morning of October 2, 2017 and died later that night at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California.

In honor of Tom Petty, here are some of his best lyric quotes. Petty's music reminds us still of all the entertainment and beauty he brought into the world.

There are few legends that get to truly live on, even in their physcial absense here on earth, but Tom Petty is surely one of these legends.

He will live on for as long as long as "American Girl" or "Learning To Fly" is played on the radio, or as long as other aspiring musicians look to cover his tunes late at night, looking through his vast catalogue of work for clues as to how to master the art of the musical trade.

Tom Petty | October 20, 1950 – October 2, 2017: /

"You belong among the wildflowers You belong somewhere close to me Far away from your trouble and worry You belong somewhere you feel free" - Tom Petty

"Most things I worry about never happen anyway." - Tom Petty /

"That's the way it goes, it'll all work out." - Tom Petty

"I don't understand the ones that have no sense of hope and invest in hate. That's not gonna work out, you know? It's a waste of your time!" - Tom Petty

"I'll stand my ground and I won't back down." - Tom Petty

"Go after what you really love and find a way to make that work for you, and then you'll be a happy person." - Tom Petty

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