Halloween Costumes For Short Girls


Looking for the best Halloween costumes for short girls!?

Halloween Costumes For Short Girls:

Looking for the best Halloween costumes for short girls!? Look no further! Here are the best Halloween costumes for short girls that we've found!

Halloween and fancy dress parties provide great opportunities to wear fun costumes. Petite women have several options for costumes that can reference their height. The costumes can be inspired by famous cartoon or film characters known for their small size, or objects and animals from real life. Whether the costumes they choose to wear are meant to be sexy or serious, short women have enough options to dress however they like for the next event.

Buyers can purchase costumes from party and costume shops year round, as well as Halloween retailers and department stores each spring. Also, buyers can find a high number of products online. Some sites specialise in costumes, while marketplaces like eBay have entire sections devoted to them. It is a good idea to start shopping early to ensure the best costumes and materials are available in time for the event.

Petite Sizes and Home-Made Costumes:

Several manufacturers produce items in petite sizes that fall between children's and standard adult sizes. However, short women may not always be able to find desirable costumes in the appropriate sizes. In this case, one can choose to prepare a costume at home. The costumes on this list are partly chosen for their simplicity and their potential to be prepared using common items of clothing. With a bit of patience, skill, and preparation, petite women can create most of these costumes at home.

Tinker Bell Costume:


Tinker Bell's miniature size makes her costume a playful choice for shorter women. The popularity of the costume means that buyers can purchase the green dress and wings in a wide selection of sizes and designs. Some products are simple and straightforward, fashioned after Tinkerbell's dress in the Disney Peter Pan animated film, while others take creative liberties by adding lace, bows, and sleeves. However, most Tinker Bell adult costumes are meant to be short and a bit risqué. Buyers should look for products with a wand to complete the look and introduce a fun party accessory.

Flying Monkey Costume:


Buyers looking for a non-traditional female costume can enjoy dressing as one of the infamous flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. Anyone can recognise the Wicked Witch of The West's sinister group of henchmen for their patterned shirts and small hats. Variations of the costume exist, ranging from the classic blue and grey monkeys from the original film to black monkeys with red vests and hats. Buyers can customise this costume to match the wearer's interests. Costume manufacturers design some products to be scary, while others to be rather humorous.

Fruit Costume:


A simple and fun costume for petite women can involve almost any type of fruit. Oranges and apples work well, especially if they are large enough to cover the legs. Another option is grapes, which petite women can make easily at home with a purple T-shirt and several purple balloons. One can use two different shades of purple to enhance the appearance of the bunch and a wreath of leaves from a crafts store as a hat to complete the costume.

Alice in Wonderland Costume:


Alice in Wonderland is another costume option for short women. The large sleeves and oversized skirt of Alice's dress make it a costume for women of almost any build. Petite women can customise the costume to be cute, sexy, or elegant. The popularity of the Alice costume means that it can be found in a range of adult and children's sizes, so buyers should have no trouble obtaining one at the store. However, wearers looking to save themselves a bit of money can easily put together a makeshift costume of their own. Nearly any blue dress can fit the bill, especially if wearers pair it with a white apron and long stockings. The addition of a black bow or sash around the waist is the finishing touch.

As an alternative, petite women may choose to dress as the Queen of Hearts. This costume can be a full length dress or a revealing skirt with a bare shoulder top. Wearers can replicate the black and red patterns of this outfit at home, though it may be necessary to add heart shapes to clue other people in.

Oompa Loompa Costume:


As some of the most famous small people in film history, the Oompa Loompas can inspire comical costumes. Wearers can quickly put together an Oompa Loompa costume at home, as well. They only need a brown shirt and a white pair of overalls to create the basic look. Buyers may find that vertically-striped socks are difficult to come by, but almost any pair of striped socks can serve as a replacement. Buyers can also purchase and use green hair spray for added effect.

Minnie Mouse Costume:


Due to the small stature of the character, Minnie Mouse can be one of the best cartoon character-themed outfits for shorter women. The polka dot dress and Minnie ears on a headband make the outfit instantly recognisable. Petite women can wear the costume tastefully with large sleeves and a full-size skirt. Buyers looking for something with a bit of an edge can also find several products with short skirts and bare shoulders. Wearers can also improvise a Minnie Mouse outfit at home without much trouble. They only need a red dress with white polka dots and a black belt, which may be available in their wardrobe, and buy only the ears and bow from a costume retailer.

How to Buy Costumes for Short Women:

You can find a high number of costumes for short women from online sellers via google search, Ebay or Etsy. To find an item, enter the relevant keywords into the search field on any page of the website. For example, enter 'Tinker Bell costume' to see all items tagged with those terms. You can include additional terms, such as 'petite', to refine listings further. Try using different combinations of terms to obtain the best results.

Click on the name or image of an item to see its full listing. There, you can view the listed price of the item along with applicable delivery charges. You may also view the seller's accepted forms of payment and the delivery methods used to send the costume. Click on the names of sellers to see information about their history, including ratings and comments about specific aspects of their performance on eBay. Before you make a purchase, you can check eBay Deals to see if there are any costumes at discounted prices.


Dressing up for Halloween or a fancy dress party is an exciting opportunity to express one's personality and creativity. Short women have several options for costumes that others may not be able to wear effectively, including some inspired by famous cartoon and film stars. Buyers can purchase these costumes from retail outlets online and in brick and mortar stores. Some manufacturers produce costumes in petite sizes specifically for short women. In other cases, petite women can put together a great looking costume at home with a handful of clothing items and accessories and, of course, a bit of creativity.

One can adjust many of the costumes suitable for petite women according to the preferences of the wearer. The costumes may be sexy, scary, humorous, or cute. Petite women should shop around to find the full selection of items available, and choose costumes that can draw attention and compliments at the next party or event.

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