How To Put Two Bitmoji's Together In A Snap Message


While Snapchat may be venturing into augmented reality with its latest Snapchat ART release today, there are still a lot of general questions that users want to know, like How To Put Two Bitmoji's Together In A Snap Message?

When it comes to bitmoji most Snapchat users know how to access their own bitmoji stickers and send one in a Snap message, but you can also send a bitmoji of you and your friend in a snap sticker together.

To send a snap of you and your friend's bitmoji together in a snap sticker you have to first go to your bitmoji keyboard in Snapchat, your friend will also need to have already created a bitmoji of themselves for this feature to work.

Then once in the bitmoji keyboard simply select the smiley face icon in the righthand corner of the keyboard and swipe left for fun bitmoji stickers of your and your friend! Select the bitmoji sticker you want and send!

If you need further assistance, a good resource is always trying Snapchat directly to answer your query at

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