Here's How To Use The New iPhone Screen Record Feature To Capture A Snap, The New iOS 11 Update Makes It Easy

How To Screen Record An Instagram Video On iPhone & Repost

Learn how to capture a snap with iPhone's new screen record feature!

How To Screen Record A Snap On iPhone | Snapchat & iOS 11 Update:

Wondering how to screen record a snap on iPhone? You're not alone! While Apple's new iOS 11 release was met with mixed reviews, the new Screen Recording feature now opens the door for a lot of Snapchat users to record snaps.

While, some Snapchat users may be upset about the temorary loophole allowing users to record their snaps in private, most Snapchat users seem pretty excited about the new Screen Record feature and what it means for easily saving otherwise lost video snaps.

For those of you reading that may be unaware of the recent Snapchat screen recording loophole. The Telegraph confirmed, that while iPhone users who have the latest version of Snapchat and iOS 11 will be caught if taking a screen recording, this is only true if BOTH both sender and receiver are updated to the latest version of either update!

So, until everyone is forced to run their iPhone on either iOS 11 or the latest Snapchat update, there is definitely still a way someone could screen record your snaps or snapchat chats and no notification would be sent!

With that side note out of the way, below are the steps if you want to use the new iOS 11 iPhone update to start screen recording Snapchat snaps!

1. Be Sure You Have The Latest iOS 11 Update Downloaded On Your iPhone:

If you don't have the most recent iOS update from Apple you can download it easily by clicking on the link below!

2. Be Sure To Add The Screen Recording Shortcut To Your Control Center:

Just like the Flashlight tool, the Screen Recording tool doesn't have an app — just a control option for the Control Center — but it's not enabled by default.

How To Add the Screen Recording Shortcut:

  • To set it up, head over to your Settings app,
  • Tap on "Control Center."
  • Select "Customize Controls,"
  • Scroll down to find "Screen Recording"
  • Tap on the green "plus" icon next to it to add it to the Control Center

3. Now You Can Start Recording Your Screen! /

Once you've added the Screen Recording control tile, you'll now see the Screen Recording toggle that you can tap on whenever you want to record your screen.

If you want your screen recording to have audio, simply perform a long press or 3D Touch on the control tile to open its very own control window, then tap on the mic icon on the bottom to toggle audio on or off before you start recording. You can also tap "Start Recording" from this window to start recording, too.

4. Plan A Snap To Record:

Find the snap you'd like to record and make sure that if it's a private snap you can only replay once that you don't watch it until you press record for screen recording.

5. Start Screen Recording And Capture The Snap!
  • Once you have found the snap you'd like to record you can then go back to your screen record feature. -> Press record
  • Go back into Snapchat where and play the snap you want to record
  • Allow the snap to play all the way through or at least through to the part you want to keep.
  • THEN, click into the red Screen Record bar at the top of your screen to click out of Snapchat and you will be prompted buy the Screen Recording feaure to either cancel or dave your recording to your camera roll.

6. Edit The Instagram Video Clip In Your iPhone Camera Roll:

Once you save the snap to your camera roll, chances are that the screen recording you took has a lot of extra iPhone footage you don't actually want. If you want to edit out the recording parts you don't like you can shorten the clip in the editing portion of your iPhone camera roll.

To edit out the screen recording parts you don't want:

  • Find the Snap Recording you want to edit in your iPhone camera roll
  • Select the snap screen recording video you wish to edit
  • Select "Edit"
  • Edit the clip length to the desired length by adjusting the frames in the bar below the video. This bar should appear yellow when you tap on it, you then can move the bar to cut the footage to a shorter length.
  • Once you have selected the section of video you want, hit done to save the changes (Either as a new clip or edit the original)

Please Note: I always like to save an edit to a video as a new clip, just incase you don't like the edit, you can always try again from the original clip!

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