5 Reasons Why Smoking Weed Can Be A Feminist Move

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Here are the must known five reasons smoking weed can be a feminist move!

Feminism isn't any more a new talk of the town. For years, ladies from all over the world are struggling for the right to equality. Today, their struggles have taken shape, and the world calls it feminism. Experts have defined this regime consequently, yet many people do not properly understand the meaning of being a feminist.

Feminism isn't about world domination, but it's a genuine demand for equality. A real feminist will only ask for equal opportunities. Feminism simply means social, political, and economic equality of all genders. For years, society told women what to do and what not. Nowadays, ladies from worldwide are breaking those traditions to create a better tomorrow for the upcoming generations.

Gone are the days, women restricted themselves to specific things. Today, they are proactively exploring newer territories and taming them. Using and exploring cannabis is one of such creative solutions. For years, people have associated marijuana with men. But those days are gone for good. Lighting a joint has become a lady's thing as well. So, if you are thinking of joining this new regime, you are more than welcome. Don't let anything stop you. Here are five reasons why smoking weed can be a feminist move.

1. Weed to Beat the Menstrual Cramps

Ladies are using Weed to get relief from the symptoms of PMS for the last few centuries. Recent research has indicated that the period pain might be a result of inflammation. During menstruation, the body synthesizes prostaglandins causing contraction and relaxation of uterine muscles. You start experiencing pain and cramps when the body produces more prostaglandins than required.

Period cramps are unique to everyone. Generally, women experience pain in their lower bellies. However, many women have to deal with problems like nausea, back pain, and even constipation. Cannabis, a forgotten medicine, helps during periods by exerting its anti-inflammatory actions. Studies have confirmed that Weed increases the levels of certain neurotransmitters and certain cannabinoids produced by the body. Along with that, it engages the body's endocannabinoid system to bring down the inflammation.

Eat it or smoke it with the help of a glass rose tube; the overall effects of Weed on the female's body during periods are beneficial. In fact, there are rumors that even Queen Victoria had used cannabis to treat her intense menstrual cramps.

2. Smoking Weed to Enhance Creativity


You might have heard famous artists preaching Weed. They often claim that smoking a joint takes them to the world where they discover the knack of developing fantastic art. Well, they are not entirely wrong. Scientific studies also back the belief that Weed enhances creativity. Every woman needs to find creative solutions to several problems they face. So, using Weed can be an effective way to do it.

The effect of marijuana on creativity relates to divergent thinking ability. It is a thought process of exploring multiple solutions in a spontaneous and non-linear manner. In simple words, divergent thinking is another fancy name for brainstorming to find out-of-box ideas.

Hopkins University had conducted research, where they studied the effects of cannabis consumption on creativity. The researchers observed a rise in creative performance after 30 minutes of smoking weed. This rise was a result of increased blood flow in the frontal lobe of the brain. Another study has also reported that Weed intensifies your imagination and sweeps you away from ordinary thoughts.

3. Marijuana Treats One of the Worst Enemies of Women: Anxiety


Anxiety and stress are an inseparable part of a woman's life. With all the hormonal turmoil going inside your bodies, your feelings may go bonkers at times. Women are more likely to develop mind-related problems in their lives than men. A woman's life can be more complicated than a man's. Your biological make-up and hormonal changes make you more susceptible to anxiety.

You may not notice anxiety and its effects on the outside or even may ignore them. But anxiety slowly feeds on your mental and physical energy. As a woman, you can withstand a lot of stress, yet you need proper care to repair the damage.

Cannabis is an effective way to deal with anxiety. It contains several biologically active molecules that alter your body's ability to react to stress. Smoking weed can be an effective part of this self-care regime. Imagine the sheer relief you will get when you know that you are doing something to pamper your mind and body.

4. Smoking Weed for Own Body


Fortunately, we are in an era where everybody is respected. All the beauty standards are changing, and ladies across the globe are coming forwards to celebrate womanhood. They are becoming more open about talking about their issues, whether they are emotional or physical. This openness is shaping a new culture, where women are exploring unconventional ways to treat severe problems like inflammatory disorders causing immense pain.

One such unconventional solution is smoking Weed. Numerous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Weed on such disorders. So, smoking weed not only helps your mind but benefits your body as well.

5. The Aphrodisiac Effects of Weed


Talking about sexuality is one of the primary aspects of being a feminist. A lot of ladies claim that Weed acts as an aphrodisiac for them. They smoke Weed to boost their sexual health. It has been noticed that women with problems like low sex drive or painful intercourse have found significant improvement from consuming marijuana as it improves the sensitivity and raises dopamine levels in the brain. Hence, enhancing the overall experience.


If you find yourself struggling or wanting to improve any of the points talked about in this article, then weed may be the perfect solution for you. Just remember that too much of anything is never good for you and that if you're new to the marijuana realm, it's best to be the tortoise rather than the rabbit.