A Movie On Netflix for Every Mood


There's a movie for every mood

A Movie On Netflix for Every Mood

We've all been in one of those moods. Nothing seems to get us out of it, not a phone call, not a bottle of wine. Sometimes you gotta let it all out or you gotta keep riding the happy train. Movies, music, theater, and the like can create a feeling inside all of us that alters our way of thinking, our moods, or our emotions. Having a good cry, or being scared for an hour and a half let's us experience something we might not always have to. If you're lucky, you could be happy all the time but if not, movies can lift our spirits, inspire us, or get us going yet again. So whatever you're feeling there's a movie on Netflix for every mood!


If You Need A Good, Long, Ugly Cry

Sometimes we just wanna feel sad! From Robin Williams teaching young students to believe in themselves, to a group of journalists trying to take down pedophiles, you'll have something to cry after you watch any of these great movies.

Dead Poet's Society


First They Killed My Father



If You Want To Be Head Over Heels Happy

If you're in a delightful mood and want that to stay the same, then these babies are here to help. Maybe Nicolas Cage finding historical clues will make your day or a Greek Disney classic. Let Netflix guide you....

National Treasure


Midnight in Paris

How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days


If You Want To Think About It After It's Done

Feeling smart? Pop in any one of these movies and feel your brain working. With serious twists, and turns, each movie will have you thinking hard.

The Big Short

The Prestige

Inside Man

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy


If You Want To Laugh So Hard Your Neighbors Get Concerned

If you need a good laugh then try one of these four options. Ranging from the 80s to today, you'll laugh out loud at the characters, plot lines, and some of the riskier scenes. Viewer discretion may be advised.

Lethal Weapon

Bridget Jones's Diary

Hot Fuzz

Tropic Thunder


If You Want To Sleep With A Baseball Bat

Whether you enjoy horror movies or are braving it for a first date, you'll look cool watching any one of these movies. A deranged Macaulay Culkin or a deranged Sharon Stone, you decide!

It Follows

Creep 2

Basic Instinct

The Good Son


If You Want Something To Light A Fire Under Your Bum

Someone once said, "a hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know that the world hadn't ended". And that person may have been Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises but you get the idea. These movies have dark times but from it, comes hope. Whether they've come from disgusting places, or were up against incredible odds these films could truly inspire you!

Shawshank Redemption

Apollo 13

City of God

V for Vendetta


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