From Philanthropist to Designer, Meet Baroness Myriam Ullens

Myriam Mullens
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Meet the woman behind Maison Ullens.

Learn How This Philanthropist Is Styling Women to Look and Feel Their Best

We always welcome an introduction to an innovative, groundbreaking woman defying odds in various stages of life. Whether it's the United States Women's National Team bringing home a World Cup or qualified women running for president, we applaud those women paving paths for generations to come.

It's no easy feat being a woman in business either. Myriam Ullens has had quite the career throughout her colorful life, yet still sought ways to give back while creating more opportunities for those less fortunate. We're taken aback by her resounding passion to help those in need, as well as her vision for a new fashion line that aims to please the women who work so hard breaking down barriers.

About Myriam Ullens

Myriam Ullens has a resume that seems unreal. The German-born Belgian has managed to succeed in philanthropy, art, and now, fashion. From a young age, the baroness (she's married to Baron Guy Ullens) had a knack for business. Early in her career, she created a salad delivery service, which she would sell four years later. In Brussels, she opened up a successful chocolate pastry shop, Sweetly, and once again she turned around to sell it.

She would later dedicate her life to philanthropy, through endeavors like the Mimi Ullens Foundation, a place where women battling cancer can find some much-needed TLC. The foundation creates wellness centers within oncology departments so women seeking treatment can, at the very least, have the spa come to them. Ullens knows the devestation cancer can do to the body and so through her foundation, she can provide a spa-like environment for women who deserve it most.

In 2006, she and her husband opened the Mullen School. After traveling to Nepal, the duo saw the conditions and poverty, and felt pressed to help the community. Two orphanages were built for children suffering from malnutrition and other devastating issues. The school is thriving, as it offers the IB program to students and has seen many students graduate with American scholarships.

Meet Maison Ullens

In 2009, Ullens turned her sight to the fashion industry, creating Maison Ullens—a luxury women's fashion line. The brand was formed for women who want to feel stylish while traveling, an often unstylish event. With her background in travel and art, the line is carefully curated with soft fabrics and thoughtful materials. With the best quality textiles in mind, Maison Ullens has stores in Paris and Aspen.

Get to Know Myriam Ullens

Myriam Ullens surely isn't slowing down anytime soon. With philanthropy and fashion on the forefront, she managed to find time and published her first novel, Distant Starless Nights, a fictional memoir. Buy it here on Amazon.

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