5 Tightening Exercises for an Aging Neck

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Easy exercises for you!

5 Tightening Exercises for an Aging Neck

We exercise our bodies but why do we neglect our necks? If you want to pay attention to your face, jawline, and yes, neck, you'll want to learn more about these simple (and sometimes hilarious) exercises. So pull up a chair and try them out, once you're comfortable, you'll be doing them all day. So go ahead, learn about the 5 aging neck exercises you should incorporate into your daily workout regimen.

1. Yoga Exercises

Some of these exercises might seem ridiculous but they won't if you see results. Try doing some facial skin tightening exercises on your long commute or in the shower. Who knows, you might see some changes sooner than you think!

2. Facial Yoga

In this video you'll learn why the skin does what it does. From genetics to exercise, you'll learn how to keep your neck and skin tight. If you want to slow down the aging process start some facial yoga each day.

3. Jawline Strengthening

If you're looking for a more all encompassing facial workout, this video will teach you handy exercises. From jawline tightening to neck workouts, you won't fear the aging process with this video.

4. Firming Techniques

Chef Mama Rosa helps the viewer understand exactly what muscles you're working in her firming exercise tutorial. She points out what you're flexing and why. Simple and straightforward instructions help you with aging neck exercises.

5. Stronger Facial Muscles

We work out for our abs, legs, arms, and butts. Why aren't we giving our neck some attention? In this video (that's been viewed more than 4 million times) you'll learn how to work everything you need to avoid sagging skin around the neck area.

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