Want To Retire Early? Here Are The 8 Jobs That'll Get You There

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Here Are The Best Careers for Early Retirement

So, you want to retire early don't ya? Well, join the club. But seriously, retirement is an important thing to think about, even if you're just starting career, or in the middle of it. Saving for the rest of your life seems daunting and the idea of working well into your sixties isn't ideal either. So, you're asking what jobs will allow me to retire early?

You have a few options:

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1. Air Traffic Controller

Thanks to the high stress and pressure of this job, air traffic controllers retire earlier. And your pay can reach the skies, '"the median salary for an air traffic controller comes in at $107,780" so you'll be on the fast track to retirement.

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2. Military Service

You'll have to serve your country and put your life on the line but you might get to sip piƱa coladas on a beach at a younger age. Generous pensions and benefits will assist in retiring earlier. And infinite gratitude will always be with you.

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3. Firefighter

Again, putting your life on the line is inevitable but worth the reward. There are a few steps to get there but benefits and rewards could lead you up the career ladder and land you in retirement before sixty.

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4. Anesthesiologist

Easier said than done, right? Anesthesiologists work long and weird hours but they make a good living. With that in mind, they have a lot on the line, namely the life of a patient.

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5. Airline Pilot

Pilots are in high demand so compensation is high. Most pilots, learn how to fly by joining the Air Force but there are other avenues in which to get there. Average salaries are around around $125,000 a year, which would help you save for retirement faster.

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6. Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers can have profitable and long lasting careers.

According to The Financial World:

"One of the best things about selling insurance is that you can earn what is known as residual commissions. Every time a person renews their insurance that you originally sold them, you get paid. If they buy insurance and renew it for the rest of their life, you continue to earn every year. The commissions may not be gigantic, but they do add up, multiplying your profits. Save carefully and you, too, can retire early".

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7. Dentist

Dentistry isn't necessarily the most loved profession but they are always needed. And although schooling is needed, the high-paying profession allows for a cohesive work/life balance.

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8. Federal Employee

Not only do you get to take ALL the holidays off, but pensions, benefits, and insurance options will make retiring early a luxury.

Andrew G. Biggs, Resident scholar at AEI writes,

"In addition, federal employees are also eligible for retiree health coverage, which is very valuable for early retirees but which in the private sector is shrinking even faster than DB pensions".