Best Supplements for Women Over 40 To Take Daily

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Hello, supplements!

5 Best Supplements for Women Over 40

I'm a few years away from 40 (thirteen to be exact) and while that feels like a long way off, I want to prepare my body and health for things to come.

If you're in your forties, or older, your health should be a high priority these days. Eating right and exercising regularly have been engrained in our brains since we were children. But what if you could do something that didn't hurt or inconvenience you every day? Well, taking a supplement could do just that. We've rounded up the best supplements for women over 40 to take daily, and trust us, you'll want to learn more.

Supplements; What Are They Exactly?

According to WebMD;

"Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, enzymes, amino acids, or other dietary ingredients. You take these products by mouth in pill, capsule, tablet, or liquid form to supplement your diet."

Supplements examples range from Vitamin-C gummies to liquid Herbal drops.

Who Should Take Supplements?

Truly, anyone can take supplements. From healthy athletes to the elderly, supplements should be welcomed by all! There are certain supplements that can benefit individuals differently. If you live in a cold, snowy area, a Vitamin-D supplement will help build stronger bones and assist the body in absorbing calcium. Pregnant women might take pre-natal vitamins or folic acid for stronger fetal development. Lastly, adults over 50 might take B12 as it "is required for making red blood cells which allows for proper brain function".

What Are The Best Supplements for Women Over 40?

As always, it's best to check in with your doctor to see if he/she has any recommendations. If your diet is missing something, or if you've crossed into an age threshold, your doctor will give you insight into what supplements work for you. But in the meantime, we've found some of the best supplements for women over 40 to use.

1. B-Complex

Since B-vitamins are "water soluble", your body does not store them so you'll need to take a supplement everyday. B-Complex contain eight B vitamins in one pill, all of which help with a myriad of health issues. Healthline details the various vitamins as such:

B1 (thiamine) for metabolism, B2 (riboflavin) as an antioxidant, B3 (niacin) for DNA production, B5 (pantothenic acid) helps your body retain energy from food, B6 (pyridoxine), helps with neurotransmitters, B7 (biotin) helps skin, nails, and hair, B9 (folate) helps with white blood cells and cell division, and finally, B12 (cobalamin) helps with neurological function.

2. Vitamin-B12

Another water-soluble vitamin, B12 helps with "red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function, and the production of DNA". Vegetarians and vegans will find this supplement useful as it helps with the deficiencies left from plant-based foods.

3. Fish Oil

It might sound odd but Fish Oil plays a necessary role in "brain function, normal growth and development, and inflammation".

4. Calcium

Your mother always told you to drink your milk, and she was right. Calcium deficiencies are more common with the elderly but having strong bones is vital for all humans. Take it from the {National Institutes of Health}(;

"Calcium is needed for our heart, muscles, and nerves to function properly and for blood to clot. Inadequate calcium significantly contributes to the development of osteoporosis."

5. Probiotics

You might've noticed a craze hitting the grocery store shelves recently in the form of, Kombucha. That's because the fermented drink is packed full of probiotics which helps significantly with gut-health. According to Dr. Katherine Zeratsky;

"Probiotics are foods or supplements that contain live microorganisms intended to maintain or improve the "good" bacteria (normal microflora) in the body."

So if you can't stand the fermented beverage, talk to your doctor about probiotic supplement options.

Where Do I Obtain Vitamin Supplements?

Once you've done your research or have spoken to your doctor, you're ready for some supplements. There are many places to buy vitamins and such. Do it from the comfort of your home thanks to Amazon or go to your local drugstore or CVS. After reading this article on the best supplements for women over 40 to take, you'll know what you're doing.