14 Instagram Accounts That Celebrate Book Clubs

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Get to reading!

Follow These Instagram Accounts That Celebrate Reading Through Book Clubs!

Want to read more than you do now but don't know where to start?

Book clubs are a great way to read more novels and if you create one of your own, a great way to meet and mingle with people! If you need more motivation or inspiration, look no further. The following 14 book club Instagram accounts will have you reading and discussing characters and plot before you know it.

We love books here at Women.com and appreciate a great book. From romance novels to memoirs, we love these book club Instagram accounts and hope you do too! Time to start following.

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1. Barnes and Noble Book Club

Leave it to book giant Barnes & Noble to start you and your friends off with a monthly book club. Visit a store and snag your book IRL.

2. Rebel Women Lit

Based in Jamaica Rebel Women Lit chooses books that promote inclusivity from stories about African American women to characters who are transgender, you'll enjoy reading their picks each month.

3. Reese’s Book Club x HelloSunshine

Reese Witherspoon has proven the power of a book club. She's optioned dozens of novels that she'll take to the big and small screen. You won't be disappointed in Witherspoons wide selection of diverse and inclusive novels and authors.

4. Our Shared Shelf

Founded by Emma Watson, Our Shared Shelf is the feminist book club you've been waiting for. This month they are reading, Things I Would Tell You: British Muslim Women Write so hurry up and get your copy, here.

5. Busy Girls Book Club

Too busy to join a book club? Think again. Follow along as Busy Girls Book Club recommends some of the best books in the literary world. From re-releases to new fantastic novels, you won't have a good excuse anymore.

6. Belletrist

Belletrist was started by actress, Emma Roberts after she kept posting images of books she loved on her own Instagram account. Sign up for the newsletter and learn more about the authors behind each book every month too!

7. Diverse Books Club

Add more diversity to your life by reading a wider range of novels. Thanks to Diverse Books Club you'll be given resources in finding more diverse book clubs as well as new and emerging authors with unique stories and a wide variety of perspectives.

8. Silent Book Club

If book clubs aren't for you then keep it digital with Silent Book Club. And if you want an "introvert happy hour" check out where you can meet up with other likeminded readers.

9. Wilder Book Club

Love memoirs? This book club is the perfect fit. While, yes, they read other types of literature, memoirs are their favorite. Start following to learn about the ones that are worth reading.

10. Girly Book Club

We already put together a list of books women should read but follow Girly Book Club and join one of the largest all female book clubs.

11. Poppy Loves Book Club

Not only will you join a book club that reads great books but you'll follow an account with lots of good shelfies. For real book worms, Poppy Loves Book Club will bring you lots of joy!

12. Once Upon A Book Club

If you don't want to have one book choice from a book club, Once Upon A Book Club gives you options each month! There are so many different genres out there so pick what you want to read with help from this lovely account!

13. Book Clubbish

Calling romance novel lovers, this account will be your favorite. BookClubbish recommends less mainstream books so you can cast a wider net when it comes to reading.

14. Rad Women Book Club

Want to read something from a badass woman? This is your book club. Celebrate female stories and their storytellers with Rad Women Book Club.

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