2017 Gift Guide For Her

SoSo, gift guide for her

Make the woman in your life happy!

The Ultimate 2017 Gift Guide For Her

With the holiday season just around the corner, it's about time to start freaking out. What do you get your brothers new girlfriend? Do you have to teach Aunt Rita how to use Hulu yet again? Do you get your office bff a gift but not your office platonic friend something? The holidays bring joy to all but sometimes it brings terror. Have no fear, we have you covered:

All Things Beauty: Essie & Ouai

You can never go wrong with nail polish. Essie has a plethora of colors with sassy names like "ring in the bling" and "nude beach". They sell gel polish too so your manicure can last longer at home. Even better? They come in cute little packages so you can grab and go.

If you're like me and often ask yourself "why can't my facial moisturizer work on my hair too!?!?!" then look no further. Ouai (pronounced "way") is a relatively new brand but their products are soft and sweet much like the way they smell. Grab yourself the Rose Hair & Body Oil and you will melt into the floor. And they are in a variety of sizes so your family members will thank you for keeping them so hydrated and hip!

23 and Me

If you want to prove to your family members that you are ACTUALLY part Native American then this is the gift for you. Even better, if you have a hard time shopping for a certain person (cough uncle Greg * cough *) this is a unique gift. A perfect gift to go "splitzies" so you and your brother look like considerate, compassionate people.

Literally Me

Julie Houts is an illustrator with an impressive and delightfully funny Instagram.

Her book Literally Me is filled with humorous stories and illustrations, all of which poke fun at the millennial generation. It'll tickle the ladies in your life and have them saying "this is, literally me". Sold wherever books are sold so I guess amazon?

Cooking Tools

If you're in a dorm or a retirement community, you will use this Le Creuset silicone cooking set. From creamy pasta sauces to bacon on Sunday morning these silicone guys will make your life, and kitchen, prettier. If you want your significant other to pick up a pan and start cooking, this is a gentle hint. If you want your mother-in-law to learn some vegan recipes, well, good luck you might need more than Williams Sonoma to help you with that.

J.Crew and Madewell

Owned by the same parent company, J.Crew & Madewell have classic looks for affordable prices. Be it a standard jean jacket (with personalize monogram!) or sassy earrings, you're bound to find something for the lady in your life. They usually have good sales and if you're a student, teacher, or military officer ask about their special year-round discounts. Only the important people get it.

Wine Me Up

In a world of convenience and subscriptions, why wouldn't wine be one of them? They say millennials are changing the wine industry and me thinks that's a good thing. Winc is an affordable wine subscription service. You take a little survey regarding your palate and they send you 4 wines every month. It saves you a trip to the store or the hassle of lugging clinking bottles up five flights of stairs.