10 Useful Gifts for Aspiring Chefs That They Can Use in the Kitchen

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10 Useful Gifts for Aspiring Chefs That They Can Use in the Kitchen

If you know an aspiring chef, why not give them some important kitchen tools to further their endeavors. From must-have sets to great electronic tools, they'll be a pro in the kitchen in no time. Cooking can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be!

Just think, you could help aid someone in the process of learning how to make delicious meals for themselves, and their friends. Scroll down for some pretty delicious gifts for aspiring chefs that'll help them become the next Bobby Flay.

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1. Cutting Board

via Sur la Table

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First things first, get your aspiring chef a sturdy cutting board. This one is made by John Boos & Co. and has grooves to catch juices. They'll be slicing and dicing on the maple wood, which won't collect bacteria! Start new chefs off right.

2. Nonstick 10 Piece Cookware Set

via Bed Bath & Beyond

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This is the ultimate gift for an aspiring chef. This cookware set is everything they need! Two frying pans, saucepans with lids, the list goes on and on. This is perfect for someone who isn't sure how to start cooking in their kitchen, you'll provide them with all the pans they could possibly need!

3. Knife Block Set

via Target

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A set of good cooking knifes is essential to any aspiring chef! This block has everything a new cook can handle including a chef knife, shears, a knife sharpener, and much more! The stainless steel finish will make a countertop look legitimate in any kitchen!

4. Utensil Set

via Macy's

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This utensil set is essential when an aspiring chef is playing around in the kitchen. Spoons, ladle, and turners will have them stirring up magic in the kitchen. All are heat-resistant and safe for non-stick cookware, no scratches will hurt your other sets. Throw them in the dishwasher when you're done making delicious meals.

5. Flexible Silicone Measuring Cups

via The Grommet

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These silicone measuring cups are so cool! Not only are they easy to clean and store but they are perfect for someone who is learning how to cook! Since they're made of silicone they are easy to use, just pour your olive oil, cake batter, or water into a dish while carefully holding the edges. Form a spout everywhere and get to cooking.

6. Assorted Latte Bowls

via Anthropologie

Buy it from Anthropologie!

These bowls are my absolute favorite. They hold enough food, heat up nicely, and are dishwasher safe. For any aspiring chef, they are a welcomed addition to a pantry. Use them for mixing, eating, dipping, whatever! They come in a variety of colors and are great to work with.

7. 3 1/4-Quart Rectangular Stoneware

via Nordstrom

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Le Creuset has some of the best dishes on the market and this is no exception. Add this rectangular stoneware to an aspiring chef's must-have list, it'll be used over and over. Make casseroles, brownies, or lasagna in the perfectly shaped dish that is safe for the microwave, dishwasher, and of course, oven.

8. Dish Towels

via Ikea

Buy it from Ikea!

A good dish cloth is important to any working chef. Clean up messes, fix plate presentation, or hold some hot. It's an essential part of the kitchen that is easy to over look. Find some cheap ones, but attractive, dish towels on Ikea and give them to an aspiring chef, STAT!

9. Baking Sheets

via Wayfair

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Baking sheets will be an aspiring chefs best friend. Grill veggies, make cookies, or heat up a pizza! There are endless possibilities. Oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and your treats won't be left behind, these pans have a non-stick surface. It's a win, win, win.

10. Electric Can Opener

via Wal-Mart

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This neat little gadget will be a friend, not foe. Any aspiring chef will need to open cans quickly and swiftly. No need for annoying manual can openers that leave your hands tired and spirits dampened.

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