Most Thoughtful Gifts for a Terminal Cancer Patient

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Who doesn't like a gift?

10 Gifts for Terminal Cancer Patients

Well, here we are. I'm about to define what terminally ill means. Here goes: "Terminally ill refers to a person who has a disease that cannot be cured and will eventually lead to death."

Yep. So there you have it. An illness that ends in mortality. You might be wondering, what types of cancers are terminal? Most cancers that have progressed to a later stage are usually harder to cure. LiveScience details some of the deadliest cancers to cure; lung and bronchial cancer with 792,495 lives, colon and rectal cancer with 268,783 lives, and breast cancer 206,983 lives. Please note that these numbers are based on data from 2003 to 2007 conducted by the National Cancer Institute and based upon stages of cancer, treatment, and other medical factors.

It's not the sunniest of things to think about but terminal cancer doesn't have to be depressing. Many terminally ill patients, aren't scared of dying and some are prepared for death.

But if you know someone in the hospital, or dying of cancer, it's human to want to cheer them up. And who doesn't love gifts? Small ones, big ones, sentimental ones, even stupid ones are generally welcomed. Giving gifts makes us feel good, so if you need gift ideas for terminally ill cancer patients, look no further.

Thoughtful Gifts for Terminal Cancer Patients

For a terminal cancer patient, thoughtfulness is necessary. If you are running out of gift ideas, it's easy to think about what someone would really want.

A personal photo album made through easy to upload apps like Chatbooks will have anyone smiling at new or old pictures.

Same goes for Shutterfly a website where you can make calendars, Christmas cards, and hard cover albums. If you've been meaning to put together a wedding album or a baby book, any ill patient would flip through that in a heartbeat.

If you want to help spruce up a bland hospital room or hospice space, Framebridge offers delightful frames for the fraction of a cost.

Society6 can cheer anyone up with various prints from artists across the world. Add some waves or a beach scene to brighten up someone's day.

For some inspiration, how about a sweet calendar of inspiring, heartfelt quotes? This one from Rifle Paper Co. will help.

Funny Gifts for Someone With Terminal Cancer

Nows the time to make some laugh, isn't it? Thinking about gifts for cancer patients isn't easy, it might even be a bit awkward. That's why a funny gift will do the body good.

Television! Who doesn't love TV? Why not help a cancer patient out with a subscription to Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon? And get them set up, won't ya? Find the funniest shows, from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel to the Andy Griffith Show.

Or why not tell cancer how you really feel? These funny socks will truly make a terminal cancer patient laugh... because F&%K CANCER!!!

There are some funny novels out there about getting cancer. Reading about someone else's experience is cathartic.

Blankets aren't necessarily funny per se but they could be. Why not add a Super Woman Snuggie to the mix and make your cancer patient laugh, or at least get a chuckle out of the doctors and nurses who will see it daily!