Ladies, You Can Grow Gray Hair Out Naturally and Gracefully—Here's How

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It's time to embrace the gray.

Time to Grow it Out, Ladies: Accepting Gray Hair at Any Age

There are dozens of tips, articles, and advice about hair. Hell, I've written about trends, cuts, and DIY masks. You might have a love/hate relationship with your hair or you might be one of those women who look like a mermaid at any given hour of the day. But change is imminent and so is aging. And it doesn't have to be scary, embarrassing, or ugly. There's beauty in every age, color, and person.

First, Embrace It

It's not easy getting older. No one wants to admit that their youth is behind them and old age is knocking on the door. But alas, aging is part of life. And for women that means embracing the gray. Depending on when your hair started changing, you've either embraced it already, or like a lot of women, colored your roots.

Find a Trustworthy Hairdresser

You want to go to someone you trust. Sure, they need to be talented but they also need to HEAR you. If they think they know what you want, but don't, the relationship isn't worth your time. And that's what it is, a relationship. Additionally, you'll want to find pictures of gray hair you want to emulate. Be it Jane Fonda or a chic woman, photographic evidence is key.

Have an Idea of What You Want This Process To Look Like

Growing hair out isn't a quick process, usually. Unless your hair grows abnormally fast, be prepared to wait a few months before your hair is one color again. If your daughters wedding is around the corner or you'll be photographed for the local newspaper, you'll want to plan out the growth. With an open mind and patience, the process won't be overwhelming.

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Snip, Cut, or Color

If you need to speed the process along there are a few options. A trim, drastic cut, or a dye could do the trick. If you're a dark brown, going lighter can kick the process into high gear. If you're blonde you can start going lighter or adding gray/white highlights to your hair.

Create a Wardrobe That Compliments Your Natural Hair

Hair is a beloved thing and something people notice right away. But changing up your clothes can help with your new, natural hair (and make you feel confident!).

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It Might Take A While, But It's Worth It

Don't let it stress you out, haven't you heard? Stress causes grey hair...

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