How To Decorate On A Budget


How To Decorate On A Budget

Living in an apartment or small space is tricky. Storage is coveted, wall space is a necessity, and countertops are under strict jurisdiction. It can be costly to decorate any space. Not all of us know how to decorate on a budget, but have no fear, there are some simple steps you need to follow!

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Step One: Know Your Stores

If you're designing on a budget make sure you do your research. Some stores might seem like a good way to cut corners but if you need a new couch in two years, it probably wasn't a wise purchase. Hang on to warranties and read customer feedback online, that way you'll know what to skip or buy.

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Step Two: Lights, Camera, Lights!

Lighting makes a huge difference in a smaller space. If you lack windows or natural light, add different lamps, string lights, or ceiling lights. Mix and match heights, sizes, and bulbs for a warm feeling.

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Step Three: Go Green

Adding green, fake or real, creates an inviting home. It's easy, fast, and if you mess up you can just throw them away. If you have a black thumb, there are many options besides the real deal for a little more money.

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Step Four: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Wires, can't live with them, can't live without them. Hiding them is your best bet. You might release expletives but it's worth it. A TV stand with a wire explosion looks like a frat house and most of us don't want to live it one of those. There are a lot of hacks to follow in case you don't want to spend an entire Saturday figuring it out.