6 Romantic and Sexy Jane Austen Fanfiction That Fans Will Love

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From Jane's imagination to yours!

Feel Blood Rush To Your Head After Reading Some Jane Austen Fanfiction

Who doesn't love some Jane Austen!?

Her books are loved by all and for good reason, they feature strong, independent women. That's what makes the following Jane Austen fanfiction pieces even more entertaining. Writers and fans of Austen took her characters and created stories of their own. From Pride & Prejudice to Sense & Sensibility, start reading some of the best Jane Austen fanfiction the internet has to offer!

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Jane Austen Fanfiction

1. A Pillar I Am Of Pride

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Written by: EllynNeverSweet

What grabbed our attention: "Conversation could not be expected to sparkle undimmed in the present company, but it was regular and had enough moments of amusement that she did not feel herself remiss as a hostess in her choice of guests. The table was excellent, for she had learned early in life the tremendous assistance that a finely prepared dish might present in aiding stumbling conversations or extinguishing unpleasant ones, and her marriage had given her the opportunity to refine her menus to heights undreamed of by her mother."

2. Love and Other Accidents

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Written by: paperclipz

What grabbed our attention: "She wasn't beautiful, so it wasn't that. When Elizabeth Bennet guided her twin sister into the room and showered Jane with blankets, Will couldn't help noticing that the redhead was the prettier of the two, even though he couldn't quite figure out what the difference was."

3. The Measure of Happiness

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Read it here on FanFiction.net.

Written by: amber-goddess

What grabbed our attention: "Marianne shakes her head and walks towards me, smoothing away an imaginary crease in the front of her dress. "I could not have slept knowing that you were out on a night such as this." I am touched by this sentiment and smile to demonstrate so. I cannot think of a suitable reply. She comes to a half old a step away from me, reaching out to rest a hand on my arm. Her mouth opens, as though to say something, but whatever words she had planned were lost in a small yelp of surprise."

4. Pride and Prejudice, the Sequel

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Written by: orangecobra

What grabbed our attention: "It had been no dream at all, the girl had indeed seen her father that night. Except that when he had called 'for my dearest Anne' he had not been calling for his daughter but for his lover."

5. The Purpose of Miss Shepley

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Written by: ArdenBrooks

What grabbed our attention: "I rolled my eyes and let loose a sigh. I had long ago resigned myself tp the fact that I was freckled, and that I would continue to be freckled no matter how many lemons I smeared on my face. They might as well wish I would wake up a boy, while they were wishing."

6. Liam & Liz

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Read it here on Archive of Our Own.

Written by: irislim

What grabbed our attention: "And if knowing yet another handwritten letter is going to be in the pocket of the coat in the closet motivates him just a little to take that ghastly roundtrip to Rosings, he doesn't tell a single soul."

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