12 OId Reality TV Shows On MTV You Absolutely Have to Revisit

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OMG Do You Remember These 12 Old Reality TV Shows on MTV? We Do!

It's no secret that reality television is extremely popular.

Not only is it cheap to create but there's a devoted audience that will watch most anything reality-related. This gal included. But, reality television has been a staple for a generation of viewers and thanks to channels like MTV, easily accessible.

Old reality TV shows on MTV were abundant. You might've forgot that some existed or you still might binge old episodes on streaming services. If you're feeling nostalgic, take a look at some old reality TV shows that called MTV home.

1. Laguna Beach

The show that started the careers of...well, Lauren Conrad. Laguna Beach followed teenagers of the affluent southern California neighborhood of Laguna Beach. The drama was typical but the series catapulted into a reality television sensation due in part to the spinoff, The Hills.

2. Surf Girls

Riding the heels of Blue Crush MTV introduced a competitive reality television show involving female surfers. Contestants traveled all over the world competing against one another. It was fun, interesting as hell, and inspiring for little girls watching everywhere.

3. Room Raiders

Room Raiders was so much fun thanks to the fact that audiences got to snoop. Three strangers looked on as a potential date looked through their room, under their beds, and exposed all their secrets. Equipped with black lights, gloves, and other spy gear, it was a crash course in making your bed and cleaning your room.

4. The Osbournes

Before Housewives, Chrisley Knows Best, or even Gene Simmons Family Jewels there was...The Osbournes. Sharon, Ozzy, Jack, and Kelly let MTV film their day-to-day lives and let me tell you, it was probably very different than yours. The series ended with a bizarre prank but it was fun while it lasted.

5. True Life

True Life was one of the best documentary style television shows ever made. Each episode revolved around a theme from body dysmorphia to bizarre relationships. The subjects openly shared part of their life with audiences everywhere and it was an incredibly interesting show to tune into each week.

6. The Ashlee Simpson Show

Ashlee Simpson, sister of Jessica, had her very own show on MTV. Following a 19-year-old around with a camera is tough as it but add the pressure of living in your sisters limelight, dating boys, and a controlling father and you might have reality TV gold.

7. Rich Girls

Rich Girls didn't last on MTV and probably thanks, in part, to the theme of the reality show. Two wealthy 18-year-olds living a fantastic life is nothing new in the reality television world but the fact that Tommy Hilfiger's daughter had a hard time buying groceries alone, was hard to watch. Years later, Ally Hilfiger revealed she was suffering from Lyme disease and having a very hard time living with an undiagnosed issue. With this modern information the show seems more predatory than funny.

8. Punk'D

Everyone has to start somewhere and for millionaire, Ashton Kutcher that was on MTV. The beloved That 70's Show actor turned his pranking into ratings. Each episode an unsuspecting celebratory would endure an elaborate and cringe-worthy prank masterminded by Kutcher. It was wildly entertaining and so funny to watch.

9. Pimp My Ride

In theory, Pimp My Ride was a really cool show. The talented mechanics at West Coast Choppers would take a beat up car and "pimp" it into something insane. Fish tanks, grills, insane sound systems, they had everything. But if you think about what it would be like driving a Honda with an elaborate fish tank to and from work, you might reconsider joining the show.

10. NEXT

NEXT felt like we were all being punk'd but that didn't stop me from watching everyday after school. Five contestants went on a date and would have to try to make a connection before they were booted. In some savage cases, contestants would hear "next" right as they stepped off the bus.

11. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica

Chicken of the sea received great publicity thanks to Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. Pop stars, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey let MTV film their first year of marriage. In retrospect it might've been a bad idea seeing as the pair divorced soon after.

12. Jackass

When Jackass came along, the show completely reinvented a genre of reality television, let's call it physical stupidity? While most stunts were painful to watch, the cast was entertaining to watch. So much so they went on to film countless movies and spinoffs with such cast members as Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, and Bam Margera to name a few.

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