Pride & Prejudice FanFiction That'll Have You Saying, "Oh Mr. Darcy!"

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"A lady's imagination is very rapid".

If You Love Pride & Prejudice, You Certainly Will Love Reading the FanFiction

If you love the Jane Austen classic, you're going to love Pride & Prejudice fan-fiction.

We've found some of the best Pride & Prejudice fan-fiction on the internet. Thanks to websites like, and Archive of Our Own, fans can get creative when writing about the beloved characters. They take them into their own hands and rewrite fiction.

There are tons of great fan-fiction out there so sadly, we couldn't praise them all but the following five pieces of Pride & Prejudice fan-fiction got our attention. Whether it was the writing or the content, we hope you enjoy this fan-fiction as much as we did. Now, go ahead read some romantic plots involving our favorite, Mr. Darcy!

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1. You Could Have Googled Me

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Written by: Morgan Aw

What got us hooked: "Well, if you're using me for your ratings, I know what you reviewers really want to see," he pulled her closer and kissed her deeper, longer, with all of the emotions he'd repressed for so long. He ended the kiss but rested his forehead on hers, unwilling to break the connection. "Lizzie Bennet, I am in love with you," he breathed."

2. When Love His You With a Brick

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Written by: Somandyjo

What got us hooked: "Love sometimes does strange things to a man. You might be surprised at what he is willing to bear for you, it he loves you. While I think it unwise to raise any hopes, at least we know now why he may be so willing," said Mrs. Gardiner."

3. A Literary Courtship

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Written by: Lucy Q

What got us hooked: "He kissed her more deeply and she did not resist. Dimly through the meeting of lips and tongues, the growing ache of his body, he felt her tug at his cravat and slip it off, then slide one hand around his neck and the other into his hair, pulling him down to her. He pulled her tighter, and she pressed herself up against him. The feel of her body against his, it's firmness and softness, its pliancy and activity, was undoing him. He crushed her tighter, tighter, his hands roaming upward, downward to! With difficult and trembling hands, he parted himself from her."

4. My Good Qualities Under Your Protection

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Written by: Renée Olsthoorn

What got us hooked: "She could still taste his lips, feel his tongue in her mouth and all over her body, not to mention the salty flavor of his skin when she kissed his chest and umm... beyond."

5. Real

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Written by: irislim

What got us hooked: "And I do the only thing I could think of for a girl waking up with an oddly-clad William Darcy and not a bit of cloth between her legs."

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