5 Safe Space Heaters That Will Keep You Warm and Safe

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Get warm!

5 Safe Space Heaters That Will Keep You Warm and Safe

Can you believe it's not winter yet? It's been a cold fall. Some of us live in small apartments that might have crappy heating. Or maybe your house is so huge, it's hard to heat all of it. Whatever it may be, safe space heaters are a great way to warm bedrooms, bathrooms, or even offices.

If you need more warmth in your home, take a gander at five safe space heaters you can buy online. All are affordable, sleek, safe, and warm. Sleep soundly knowing you'll wake up to a warm room without any paranoia. There are a lot of things you can ask for this holiday season so why not ask for a safe space heater. It's a gift you'll actually use!

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1. Honeywell - Ceramic Tower Heater

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Buy it from Best Buy.

Safe space heaters are a necessity in the winter. If you're home or apartment doesn't get hot enough purchase this space heater from Best Buy. It's affordable, large enough to heat a room, and has a remote... so it's easy to use. You don't have to leave your warm bed to turn it on or off. For your safety it has an auto-tip over shutoff function, so you'll be safe from any potential accidents.

2. Lasko Products Safe Heat Oscillating Ceramic Heater

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Buy it from QVC.

Add some heat to your home this winter. Place it on the floor or tabletop for some much needed warmth. Paranoia be gone! You'll feel safe when using this space heater thanks to the automatic overheat protection capabilities. And use it as you wish, it comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

3. Phoenix Floor to Wall Unit

via Home Depot

Buy it from Home Depot.

If you want a more permanent space heater, check out this option from Home Depot. If you don't want to waste valuable floor space add this wall unit to your bedroom, dining room, or office. Safe to touch, you won't have to worry about children accidentally knocking into it. Attach feet to it if you'd like, it's a versatile, safe space heater.

4. Oscillating Desktop Space Heater for Home

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Buy it from Wal-Mart.

It's no wonder the company that sells this space heater is called Best Choice Products. Buy this space heater to heat up your cold rooms, even workspaces. You don't have to store this heater in the summer, it doubles as a fan! No assembly is required when you purchase this from Wal-Mart. The digital screen is easy to navigate and the timer will keep you warm during the early morning hours. It's designed with an overheat protection feature so you won't have to worry about sleeping with it on.

5. NewAir Indoor Heater

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Buy it from Target.

Thanks to the fan-free air circulation, you won't hear this space heater, only feel it! It doesn't operate with fumes or flames so you'll sleep soundly knowing you and your family are safe. Choose your ideal temperature with the digital timer and thermostat! It's not an eye-sore either, it'll blend in perfectly with your home.

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