The 10 Best Podcasts We're Loving Right Now


The 10 Best Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Whether you're stuck in traffic or need something to get you through your gym routine, we've rounded up some of the best podcasts out there. The best part about this list, is that not one of the hosts has debilitating vocal fry. Not one! And that, my friends, is a blessing. In a world where every person thinks they can start a podcast, I've made it my mission to find you only the best of the best. Enjoy.

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1. The High Low

Hosted by the chicest, cutest Brits, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, the two journalists have done their research. They discuss politics, controversies, and hot topics from all over the world. They'll tell you what new book to pick up or what article to devour. If you want something easy and fluid to listen to, this is it. With a lot of opinions out there Sykes and Alderton have done their due diligence and created a sophisticated show by doing so.

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2. Cults

If you scare easily then I recommend listening to this one in the morning. The podcast covers stories stemming from cults like the Manson Family to the lesser known, Ant Hill Kids, the podcast is filled with creepy information. The two hosts depict the early beginnings of the cult leaders and how they so easily manipulated all types of people. A truly fascinating aspect of a rather dark time in history, Cults is a must-download.

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3. Girlboss Radio

Hosted by Girlboss Sophia Amoruso, she interviews "boundary-pushing women who have made their mark". From actresses to entrepreneurs, Sophia asks honest questions and creates conversation for the working girl. Advice and lessons learned along the way will inspire any woman at any stage of her career.

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4. Bitch Sesh

Actresses (and women I hope will adopt me one day), Danielle Schneider and Casey Rose Wilson discuss all things Bravo TV. From The Housewives to Vanderpump Rules, they dive into the deep end of reality shows. With amazing guests like June Diane Raphael and Andy Cohen himself, the podcast is incredibly entertaining. Grab a glass of wine and listen, you'll feel like you're gossiping with your girlfriends.

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5. Who? Weekly

Do you ever hear names of celebrities and ask yourself, WHO!? Well so do hosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber, so much so they turned their questions into a podcast. So if you don't know who Chiara Ferragni or Bella Thorne is, this duo has got you covered.

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6. You Must Remember This

This innovative podcast details stories from old Hollywood. Karina Longworth researches actresses, studios, movies, and scandals of the 20th century showbiz era. Episodes detail the lives and careers of Jayne Mansfield to Grace Kelly. If you're interested in how Charles Manson made his way into Hollywood, a detailed six-part episode will teach you all you need to know.

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7. The Joe Rogan Experience

You might recognize Joe Rogan from his standup specials or hosting Fear Factor back in the day but now he's has his own show. His guests are eclectic; from members of the Westboro Baptist Church to extreme MMA fighters. You are sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Don't let the length of the episodes discourage you, they are perfect for a long commute.

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8. Dirty John

If you haven't listen to the crazy story of Dirty John, RUN do not walk to iTunes. Without spoiling it to the two people who haven't listened yet, it's a love story that is not at all what it seems. The Los Angeles Times covered the entire series in a detailed expose that is worth a read, once you've finished the podcast!

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9. The Moth

The Moth is a unique story-telling experience. Strangers share their stories without notes, a script, or help. Some are heart-wrenching tales about family while others are embarrassing stories of puberty. If you want to partake in an episode, the live podcast moves from city to city.

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10. Last Podcast on the Left

Last Podcast on the Left details dark subjects like, "Jeffrey Dahmer, Jonestown, iconic haunting, the history of war crimes, and more". The hosts make horror into humor and you'll be along for the ride. A unique spin on things that go bump in the night, you'll be laughing when you're stuck in traffic on the way to work.