The Best Kept Secret for Finding Cheap Flights

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Up, Up, and Away!

The Best Place To Find Cheap Flights

Are you sitting at work contemplating your existence? Are you wondering how many minutes, days, years till you can retire on a beach in Thailand with a Chang beer in your hand? Do you buy a lotto ticket and tell your coworkers it's just a joke but deep down pray to God you win? Is this too deep for you right now?

Traveling is one of the most influential and eye-opening experiences a human can endure. Sure sharing an arm rest with a coughing stranger isn't ideal for 8 straight hours but there are so many benefits to travel. You get to see the world, experience different cultures, witness history, and get out of your personal bubble. Hey, it's even healthy for you to travel more.

Of course, we can't travel all the time. We have work, we have responsibilities be it significant others or family members. And most of us aren't made of money. Some people travel for work, some people have never left their hometown. With air travel getting more expensive and crowded, some days it sounds better just to stay at home.

Great Scott!

That's where Scott's Cheap Flights steps in. According to Wikipedia,

"Scott's Cheap Flights is a website service that sends emails to users about cheap airline tickets. It was founded by Scott Keyes and grew due to word of mouth, particularly on Reddit. As of July 1, 2017 it has more than 730,000 subscribers"

How Does It Work?

Scott's Cheap Flights works by "monitoring airfare and alerting subscribers when abnormally cheap fares pop up". They also find errors in pricing, airlines stick to the mistake fare to avoid bad PR, and customers win in the end.

Where Does It Go?

With a range of cities and countries available, Scott sticks primarily to the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Asia and the Middle East get attention too!

Tokyo, Anybody?

Just today, flights to Japan were half off. Scott then predicts how long the fares will last (usually a few days) and if you'll need to change planes.

Los Angeles (LAX) to Tokyo (HND) $463

San Francisco (SFO) to Tokyo (HND) $379

Washington DC (IAD) to Tokyo (HND) $424

Travel Better

There are many websites and apps out there to use for traveling. Expedia, Hopper, even HotelTonight all try to find you deals but Scott's Cheap Flights are the way to go. So use your hard earned money for a massage and find affordable airfare that won't drive you to tweet a major airline when they bump you from a flight you've already paid for. And if you've been bit with the traveling bug, maybe a new career path is in your future?


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