Thomas Rhett Lyrics That'll Be Perfect for Your Instagram Captions

Thomas Rhett, country music
'Die A Happy Man' via Valory Music Group & Republic Records

You'll be the 'star of the show'.

Thomas Rhett Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Thomas Rhett came onto the country music scene not long ago, but he's here to stay. With hits like 'Marry Me' and 'Life Changes' he's proven his talents. If you're a fan, you already have his songs memorized but we've rounded up some of his best lyrics that you can use for any caption on Instagram. Enjoy!

So much fun last night in Lubbock, TX! Thanks for rocking with us!

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• "Whatcha drinkin' I was thinkin' you could save a sip for me"

• "I've been lookin' cross the party all night long at you movin' your hips with your pretty lips singin' along to a country song"

• "If you're ready to roll girl, just let me know girl"

• "Just me and you and the man on the moon, cruisin' down some old back road"

• "Yeah girl, you make me wanna write a song"

• "Yeah it starts with a smile and it ends with an all night long slow kiss"

• "What I wouldn't do, to write my name on your heart, get you wrapped in my arms"

• "Then we danced in the dark under September stars in the pourin' rain"

• "And I know that I can't ever tell you enough that all I need in this life is your crazy love"

• "It's too good to be true, nothing better than you in my wildest dreams"

• "Baby, you're my great escape"

• "Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand baby, I could die a happy man"

That's a wrap.. what a way to end here in Omaha, NE.. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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• "Sunset eyes, no, I don't have to try because you know exactly what to do"

• "I'm craving you babe"

• "Girl, that night was just like you: unforgettable"

• "Ain't it funny how life changes"

• "You wake up, ain't nothing the same and life changes"

• "You make your plans and you hear God laughing"

• "Life changes and I wouldn't change it for the world"

• "Next thing I know you were in my t-shirt, right there"

• "Just you and me alone on some old moonlit road"

• "Meet me out back if you like how that sounds"

• "Got me spinnin' around, I ain't even on the dance floor"

• "I bet your kiss is a soul saver, my favorite flavor, want it now and later"

• "I never seen nothin' that I wanted so bad"

• "Girl, I gotta get me, gotta get me some of that"

• "Right now just keep makin' this my favorite song"