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Wedding Crashers
"Wedding Crashers" via New Line Cinema

Ma! The meatloaf!

25 Wedding Crashers Quotes You Probably Already Have Memorized

Who doesn't love Wedding Crashers?

It's one of the funniest movies dare I say, ever? Starring Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson, and Vince Vaughn the notion of crashing weddings to hook up with guests was well, never on our screens. It's such a popular movie we wanted to remind you of some of the funniest Wedding Crasher quotes uttered by beloved characters. If you have a good sense of humor you'll remember why you found the movie so funny! Below are some hilarious Wedding Crasher quotes for you to giggle over.

Best Wedding Crashers Quotes

  • "You motorboatin' son of a bitch! You old sailor you! Where is she? She still in the house." - Jeremy Grey

  • "I made you a painting. I call it ‘Celebration.' It's sexual and violent. I thought you might like it." - Todd Cleary

  • "Don't ever leave me." "Good. ‘Cause I'd find you!" - Gloria Cleary

  • "Yeah! Crab cakes and football. That's what Maryland does!." - Flip

  • "You shut your mouth when you're talking to me!" - Mrs. Kroeger

  • "I got to get outta here, pronto. I got a stage five clinger. Stage five, virgin, clinger." - Jeremy Grey

  • "Who gives a shit? It's a great band, it's a bad band, it's like pizza, baby." - Jeremy Grey

  • "Let's play tummy sticks." - Todd Cleary

Funny Wedding Crashers Quotes

  • "Whatever. Make me a bicycle, clown." - Boy at wedding

  • "Death, you are my bitch lover!" - Todd Cleary

  • "I'm a little too traumatized to have a scone." - Jeremy Grey

  • "I almost nunchucked you; you don't even realize!" - Chazz Reinhold

  • "Get up, you're making us look like pussies." - John Beckwith

  • "She's fit for a strait-jacket. This broad's fucked three ways towards the weekend. But you know what, Father? I dig it! It turns me on." - Jeremy Grey

  • "William doesn't give a shit about my tits." - Kathleen Cleary

  • "Grief is nature's most powerful aphrodisiac, look it up." - Chazz Reinhold

  • "Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye." - Jeremy Grey

Wedding Crashers Quotes

  • "Baba ghanoush!" - John Beckwith

  • "What is our situation dad?!" - Todd Cleary

  • "Could you say that a little louder I don't think the priest heard you!" - John Beckwith

  • "Oh please! You and I both know I'm a phenomenal dancer!" - Jeremy Grey

  • "You motor-boating son of a bitch, you old sailor you!" - Jeremy Grey

  • "Now Todd, it wouldn't kill ya to play some competitive sports, once in a while, would it?" - William Cleary

  • "Jeremy tried to seduce me!" - Todd Cleary

  • "That's what we call a sack lunch! Num-num-num-num-num!" - Flip

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