Only Culinary Masters Get A 100% On This True or False Food Quiz


Hey, foodie! Try to get a perfect score!

If you love food and all things culinary then this true or false quiz is perfect for you! If you think you can decipher the truth then step right up!

 Nov 05, 2017
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Do you love food? Stupid question, right? Of course you love food, it's the fuel that keeps us going. Whether it's greasy Chinese food, or a fresh market salad, food is amazing. And if you agree then you're in the right spot! This quiz has all the best questions regarding food facts. Do you know the names of some of the tools we use in the kitchen? Did you know a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp one? Are you a foodie? Do you know all the popular spots in your neighborhood? Are you obsessed with the Food Channel and all the competition shows out there? Think you can figure out which question is true and which question is false?!?!

If you're hungry before lunch or eating dessert, this quiz will entertain you! If you think you're the next Julia Child or Giada then why not take a try at this food fact quiz? You can prove it to yourself that you not only have skills in the kitchen, but have mental cooking skills as well! Are you constantly watching YouTube videos of fast recipes to make for yourself after a long day of work? Cooking brings people together and creates a homey environment. This quiz can teach you something new as well! If you have no idea what's in a pound cake to understanding where some of our foods and cuisines originated from. Maybe your Italian nonna or Greek grandma will be impressed with your newfound knowledge! So go ahead, put on an apron and go to town with this fun food quiz!

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