Sorry Manhattan, Only People Born & Raised In Brooklyn Can Pass This Quiz

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Don't attempt this quiz unless you're a native Brooklynite!

This isn't a quiz for Manhattan natives to take-- this is a Brooklyn quiz! See how much you know about this lovely part of the city!

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Manhattan might be known for its glitz, glam, and upscale atmosphere but Brooklyn is REALLY where it's at! Brooklynites know that New York is one giant place, built to be explored, enjoyed, adored, and loved! Brooklyn is the part of New York where best friends are made, lovers meet, art is created, and more! Wine tasting, sightseeing, and restaurant dining are just some of the activities people can do while living in or visiting Brooklyn. Brooklyn is such a wonderful area to roam around through because it seems as though the world is your oyster while you are there! For example, crossing over the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most beautiful experiences a person can ever experience! There is certain lingo and terminology that Brooklynites use on a daily basis when it comes to art, public transit, money, and other discussion topics. There are also some well known local spots that people in Brooklyn regularly visit due to the quality of service and product that is offered! Watching the sun go down in Brooklyn is just as special as watching it rise! It is an amazing feeling to observe such beauty in such a majorly cool part of the city! Imagine walking through the streets of Brooklyn around the holidays with Christmas lights, lovely decoration, and maybe even a little snow surrounding you and your loved ones! If Brooklyn slang, local spots, and celebrity info are on the top of your brain, try this quiz and see how well you do!

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