Quiz: Can You Define 25 Most Difficult Words From The 2018 SAT?

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How well do you remember these words?

Some of the words on the SAT are extremely challenging! Are you the type of person who really knows these words?

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When it comes to studying for the SAT, there are a lot of things to look out for and worry about. Defining tough words is one of those things! There are difficult words for us to define on the 2018 SAT exam like Adversarial, Allude, and Aesthetic. Which of those three words means "relating to beauty or refined taste" and which of these three words means "relating to the hostile opposition"? Knowing the definitions to complex words is helpful to people as they prepare to take a test as tough as the SAT! Words like Annihilate, Antipathy, and Apex are all good words to think about too! They are mentioned on the official 2018 SAT study guide which means that there is a high chance that they will land on the exam somewhere! Words like Benevolent, Bolster, and bittersweet might mix other people up but if you are the type of person who knows how to properly prepare and study, then you should do just fine! The SAT is an exam that is given to students each and every year in order to help them enter into college with the proper scores! William Julius Wilson spoke about the nerve-racking exam by saying, "But the person who scored well on an SAT will not necessarily be the best doctor or the best lawyer or the best businessman. These tests do not measure character, leadership, creativity, perseverance." The test does NOT decide everything but it does decide a lot of things!

Now it is your turn to take the exam! How would you do? Would you leave the exam feeling successful? Our goal at women.com is to make people feel good about who they are - and take a relaxing break from the world outside to do something that they enjoy. So take a breath, stop whatever you're doing, and get ready to have a little fun. It's time to see if you would pass the SAT exam!

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