Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Endangered and Extinct Species?

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Are you passionate about saving the animal planet? Then take this quiz to see how many endangered animals and extinct animals you know to spread the word!

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The endangered animals of the world are on the brink of extinction and people like you obviously care about making a difference! The list of extinct animals has the possibility to stop growing longer if we go about things the right way and allow our wildlife to thrive in Mother nature without too much human interference!

Animals like the Java rhino, emperor penguin, leatherback turtle, logger back turtle, and Malayan tiger are on the brink of going extinct as we speak! Some of these animals are so precious to the food chain and we need them to thrive and survive for the earth to continue functioning the way it does. Things change on our wonderful planet each time we lose an entire species of animals to extinction. The food chain changes and things begin to fall out of order and out of whack!

Taking care of the earth and her natural resources is a great place to start. Putting littering to an end is another great way we can make changes in the world of endangered and extinct animal species!

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