Quiz: Only Geniuses Know What These Acronyms Actually Stand For. Do You?

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Are you an acronym master?! Prove it with this genius acronyms quiz!

Are you ready to see how well you know the meaning of today's acronyms? If you succeed, you are an acronym genius!

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One of the greatest creations of all time is the amazing acronym! An acronym is when you abbreviate the first letter of each word in a phrase, to create a new word. This can be extremely difficult at times if you are not familiar with what the acronym stands for. However, many people are familiar with the acronyms, "IDK" meaning I don't know, "BTW" meaning by the way and "TTYL" meaning talk to you later.

Before texting, acronyms were well known for various reasons such as, names for many different companies, codes for the military and identities for professional sports teams. Today, TV broadcasting is a common place to find these acronyms with names like ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network), ABC (American Broadcasting Company), and MTV (Music Television). Now that texting became the most popular form of communication, these acronyms have grown into an entirely new language.

The best thing about these little guys is that they save time and space which equates them to be a tool for everyone alike. Now that our forms of communication are growing exponentially by the day with things like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, it has become a staple in our lives that you know what these abbreviations stand for. When a friend asks, "hey what does LOL mean," you almost want to start laughing at them for not knowing. So the world as we know it is changing every day and acronyms are now a huge part of it. It's time to see how genius you are with this acronyms quiz!

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