Quiz: Only 4% Of The Population Will Pass This High School Science Test

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Can you ace this high school Science test?

The study of Science is not only important-- it is also very beautiful! What do you know about this amazing subject?

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Science is one of those subjects in high school that gave students a chance to explore things like earth, nature, stars, rocks, water, germs, animals, weather, and more! There are so many subjects under the scientific umbrella to choose from, it could never be boring! The best part about high school science was the chance to put on a lab coat and goggles to experiment with cool items in a classroom laboratory! Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Astronomy, Molecular Biology, Botany, Medicine, Geology, Oceanography, Ecology, Petrology, Microbiology, Zoology, Immunology, Earth science, and Bacteriology are the main branches of science that are taught in an academic manner! These classes are mainly taught at the college level rather than the high school level! At the high school level, the main science classes that are necessary would be Biology, Earth Science, Space Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics! Those subjects will be the ones we focus on for this quiz! One of the coolest sciences ever is Astronomy because it focuses on the night sky which is filled with gorgeous, glistening stars! Botany is also amazing because it is all about the study of flowers, including roses, lilies, and tulips! Oceanography is nice because it delves into the study of the ocean and the aquatic side of our beautiful earth! People who study the science of Medicine end up becoming doctors, nurses, or other workers in the health industry! People who study Petrology are the people who study rocks and minerals! Science is such a vast and broad subject and it is fun to learn more about it all the time!

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