Quiz: Only A Southerner Can Translate This Southern Lingo. Can You?

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Are you as country as turnip greens? Then Prove it!

Whether you are from the South or not, knowing Southern lingo is pretty darn cool! How much of it do you know?

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This Southern lingo quiz is sure to bring the inner Southern bell right out of you without much of a struggle! A lot of these phrases are super silly and funny, even though they are quite common to Southerners. When you tell someone to cut it out with the rough talk, you are telling them to quit speaking so harshly and when you are rubbernecking on the road, you are slowing down to take a good and long look at something. If you are feeling snug as a bug in a rug, that means you are feeling very comfy and when you tell your lover to give you some sugar, you are asking for some extra affection! "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!" is something you might say if you are feeling shocked or surprised and a varmint is what you might call a wild animal! When referencing your friends and family members from up North, you might call them Yankees and when someone is blabbing on too much with a lot of gossip and chatter, you might ask them to shut their yapper! Youngins is another way of referring to young people and kinfolk is another way of referring to your flesh and blood! This Southern lingo is pretty darn catchy! Calling a child knee-high to a grasshopper means you are acknowledging their small size and if you get "licked" in a physical altercation, that means you lost the fight! If something is difficult to do it would be easy to compare it to herding cats, since cats never listen to what they are told! Take this quiz and see how many more of these you know about!

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