16 Hilarious Comics That Only Perpetual Over-Thinkers Will Understand


Since it's a short trip from "Why Did I Say That Central" to "I Made A Fool Of Myself Park".

Over-thinking is a REAL problem. Whether it's dissecting that text from your mom, worrying about a comment your boss made in passing, or fretting over whether or not you shut off your straightener this morning, if you are an over-thinker, these comics will have you rolling on the floor laughing because they are so true.

1. When You're A Champion Over-Thinker

2. When It's Your Birthday

3. When Tea Just Gets You

4. When Over-Thinking Isn't That Funny Anymore

5. When Negativity Hits Just A Little Too Close To Home

6. When You Do It Anyway


8. When The Grass Is ALWAYS Greener

9. When You're In "I Made A Fool Of Myself" Park

10. When You Have ONE Item On Your "Not To-Do List"

11. When You Actually Care What The Waitress Thinks

12. When Your Blanket Is Safer Than The Real World

13. When Your Thoughts Distract You From The Real World

14. When Your Thoughts Drown Out Your Workout

15. When Going To Bed Is Basically A Chore

16. When In All Reality, You're An Over-Thinking Warrior

And to answer your question... YES you should get chips for dinner.

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