Alcohol Improves Your Marriage (According To Research)

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Couples who booze together, cruise together!

Attention people who enjoy a good happy-hour buzz with your significant other after a long day of work: a recent study shows that you are more likely to have a successful marriage! Does alcohol directly lead to happiness? Not exactly. However, the study done by SUNY Buffalo says that couples who have similar drinking habits are more likely to be satisfied with their married life than couples whose alcohol consumption differs.

The SUNY Buffalo study followed over 630 couples for seven years and had them fill out a questionnaire at the time of their marriage and then again at their first, second, fourth, and seventh year anniversary. Unsurprisingly, marriage satisfaction decreased quickly after the traditional "honeymoon phase" went away. However, it tended to level off after the first year or two.

The study looked at two main vices: drinking and smoking. The participants assessed their frequency and quantity of consumption for both cigarettes and alcohol and their responses were compared to those of their spouse. For both, the consistency of consumption for both members of the couple was strongly correlated to their reported levels of happiness. If one partner tended to have high alcohol or tobacco intake, while the other tended to not engage in consumption, their levels of dissatisfaction were dramatically higher. The couples with the highest levels of satisfaction? Those that drank together on a regular basis!

So what does this mean? Should you begin booze binging with your significant other on a regular basis? We can't be sure. However, it does look like having a healthy level of drinking in your relationship will bring you more happiness. So cheers to that!

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