BRUNCH: Oil, Eclairs, and David Beckham

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2. Selena Amps Up James Corden's Ride to Work

Instagram's biggest star, Selena Gomez, brings fresh adventures to James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. First she takes him on a roller coaster, then takes him to McDonalds to get a cup that has her lyrics on it... proclaiming that now she knows she's "made it". Apparently she's the only human on the planet who didn't already know that, which is humble and adorable.

Also shout out to Selena for defending feminism and saying that the entertainment industry "could use a little female sexism". Check it out!

3. Trouble in Venezuela

Reuters/ Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Venezuela has long relied on oil to keep its economy running. However, inflation has caused prices to go up, and the country is in trouble. There have been food shortages, riots, and a push to remove their President. Yesterday, the U.S. sent Diplomat Tom Shannon to Venezuela to try to ease tensions and hold discussions about Venezuela's political and economic future.

4. David Beckham Backs Staying in the EU

Stating that he wants his children to grow up "facing the problems of the world together and not alone" and that his experience playing internationally has given him a greater appreciation of all of the European cultures, David Beckham publicly backs the British remaining in the European Union.

5. National Eclair Day

So have an eclair for dessert, will ya? Eclairs originated in France and are truly a mouthful of creamy chocolatey heaven. I recommend doing a quick little google search of "best eclairs in _____" and seeing where you can get your hands on one today. Trust me, I've already found out where the top 15 eclairs are in Los Angeles and I'm fully intending on trying ALL of them.


Selena Amps Up James Corden's Ride to Work

Trouble in Venezuela

David Beckham Backs Staying in the EU

National Eclair Day