This Dog Fell In A Love With An Unlikely Creature And It's The Cutest

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It's the "Fox And The Hound" all over again...

While there are many stories out there about abandoned baby animals or unusual animal friends, it never stops to warm our hearts to think about the love and affection pets can bring into our lives.

Many of us have experienced the special place in our hearts that a loving pet can hold. However, special bonds don't only exist between human and animal. They can exist between animal and animal too.

Jonathon, a four-month-old​ raccoon, was left abandoned after his mother was hit by a car. His foster family took him in, hoping to give him affection and comfort. They never anticipated, however, the special bond that Jonathon would find in their home.

"Roxy always wanted babies," owner Shannon Calvert told "Every time she sees a baby, she's so happy, so we introduced her to Jonathon."

The rest is history. The two animals are inseparable and truly the best of pals. Calvert explained how she doesn't think Jonathon even knows that they aren't the same species.

"Whenever Jonathon hears a dog barking in the neighborhood, he'll get all freaked out. He doesn't know Roxy's a dog."

This beautiful story about animal friendship is going absolutely viral after the video of Roxy and Jonathon have been spread to thousands over the internet. Check it out below!

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