Quiz: Can You Identify All 33 Of These Vintage Household Objects?

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Can you actually tell what these old-fashioned objects are?

Historical objects used around the house - from rotary phones to cassette tapes, can you recognize these common vintage items?

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How historically savvy are you really? These 33 objects were once commonplace - but you aren't likely to see them in your everyday life these days! From a washboard to a chamber pot - can you identify what these old-fashioned household objects really are? You'll need to be pretty familiar with history to get 100% on this history test, whether it's through watching movies, the History Channel, or reading lots of historical novels!

If you think you're up for this challenge, and you can tell a cassette player from a record player and a rotary phone from a phonograph, then we challenge you to give this quiz a go! Your grandmother and grandfather were certainly familiar with all of these items - heck, they probably even used them on a regular basis! You, however, we are guessing, have potentially never seen a handful of these!

It's fun to relive history, and we're sure that you'll enjoy taking this historical object challenge. Once you're done, don't forget to check out women.com/quizzes to see some of our other quizzes, and you can check out more of our content on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/women and get more familiar with all of our content.

But for now - go ahead and challenge yourself with this quiz! And, as always, don't forget to share it at the end to see if your friends and family know as many historical objects as you do. Let's see if you're a historical genius - go ahead, give it a go!

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