Take This 5-Minute Challenge To Exercise Your Brain!

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Stop what you're doing and take your brain out for a run!

Answer the exciting questions in this tricky general knowledge quiz to give your brain the exercise that it deserves!

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Looking for a fun way to pass the time and keep your brain alert? Why not try this fun general knowledge trivia quiz! Some of the questions you'll come across include "Sapphire is the gemstone for which month of the year?", "Mt. Kilimanjaro is located in which country?", "Which member of the Beatles was the first to die?", "In the British Royal family, who has the title The Prince of Wales?", "Which of these countries is NOT part of the United Kingdom?", "Whales are mammals. True or false?", "Which of these dishes contains the most carbohydrates: a bowl of pasta, a steak or a banana split?", ""Tom" and "molly" are used to refer to males and females of which species of animals?", "In what country is it considered bad luck for the bride to look at herself in the mirror on her wedding day?", "Egypt is the only country in the world to house great pyramids. True or false?", "Name Mickey Mouse's beloved pet dog", "The twins represent which sign of the zodiac?", "In what field does a pathologist specialize?", "In which of these locations is there NO Disneyland or Disney World?", "It is impossible for snow to fall in the Southern Hemisphere. True or false?", "Which of these is a common characteristic of fruits?", "Yiddish, Hebrew and Aramaic are all languages of which race?", "Which of the following must never be given to a dog of any species?", "Is the pit of an avocado smooth or jagged?", "Donald Trump is the what President of the United States?", "Who was famously assassinated in 1963?" and "What famous TV show is filmed in the Old City of Dubrovnik in Croatia?" Take the quiz now!

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