Fill In The Missing Word: Idiom's Edition

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It's time to put your money where your mouth is.

Find out how much you really know about idiomatic expressions by taking this quiz and filling in the blanks to famous phrases.

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An idiom, or an idiomatic expression, is a phrase, word or expression that has a different, figurative meaning which is understood by native speakers of that language. The literal meaning of the individual components of the idiomatic expression is usually quite different from the intended, figurative meaning. Many languages have their own idioms, and English is no different. To find out how well you know the most common English idioms, just take this quiz and fill in the blanks of questions like "Actions speak louder than _____", "Let's take this back to the _____ board", "You are ________ up the wrong tree", "Don't ________ around the bush", "That is the best thing since ________ bread", "You're judging a book by its _____", "We'll cross that _____ when we come to it", "There's no use _________ over spilt milk", "Don't count your ________ before the eggs have hatched", "__________ killed the cat", "You better not give up your ________ job just yet", "________ has left the building", "I'm feeling a bit under the _____", "In the _____ of the moment", "Let's kill two ________ with one stone", "Someone let the ________ out of the bag", "One ________ paints a thousand words", "They're putting the ________ over our eyes", "You heard it straight from the ________ mouth", "Your guess is as good as _____", "We could be there at the drop of a __", "We'll be glad to see the _____ that", "I've bitten off more than I can _____" and "It costs an _____ and a leg".

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