Quiz: Surprisingly Less Than 10% Of Adults Pass This Tricky Spelling Drill

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Think you're a top speller? Prove it!

See how good of a speller you really are by taking this quiz and choosing the correctly spelled version of several misspelled words.

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Even as technology begins to have more influence over society and the way we live our lives, nobody can deny the importance of good spelling skills. Putting the correct alphabetic letters in order to correctly form a word is a skill that we start learning when we're small children, but due to bad habits creeping up over time, some adults find that they still can't spell certain words. When it comes to English, there are a number of spelling rules that will help students to remember how spell notoriously tricky words. They include: English words do not end in I, U, V, or J, Q always needs a U; therefore, U is not a vowel here, The vowel says its name because of the E, Every syllable must have a written vowel, Add an E to keep singular words that end in the letter S from looking plural, Single vowel Y changes to I when adding any ending, unless the ending begins with I, Two I's cannot be next to one another in English words, TI, CI, and SI are used only at the beginning of any syllable after the first one, To make a verb past tense, add the ending -ED unless it is an irregular verb, and We often double F, L, and S after a single vowel at the end of a base word. To pass this spelling quiz, featuring notoriously difficult words like "disappear", "weird", "harassment" and "pharaoh", simply choose the correct spelling by applying the rules.

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