Quiz: No Math & Science Major Will Be Able To Pass This Humanities Test

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Humanities really make the world go around, after all.

Prove that you know as much about the humanities as you think you do by answering questions about subjects like history and geography.

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Though subjects like math and science are undoubtedly extremely important, the humanities are equally important when it comes to the running of the world. The subjects of history, geography and psychology as well as culture and anthropology can be vital to one's understanding of the world. A proper understanding of the humanities helps you to come to appreciate and accept diversity, particularly when learning about culture and languages from around the world. Studying languages and cultural customs from Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America and Oceania allows you to embrace the differences of people all across the world while learning to appreciate other cultures and traditions, and hopefully, learn something new about your own. The study of history in particular helps you to get to know the world you live in better by understanding how it came to be the way it is. It's also true that a study of history will increase humanity's chances of avoiding making the same mistakes in the future as were made in the past, so it's a hugely important subject to learn! To test yourself on the humanity subjects, simply take this quiz! You will find questions like "Prairie, chowder and cul-de-sac are words borrowed from which language?", "In which country is it thought to be bad luck to have your photo taken?", "Which continent is the most linguistically diverse in the world?" and "Which famous historical figure is associated with the Battle of Waterloo?" Have fun with this challenging humanities quiz today!

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