Quiz: We Can Guess Your Level Of Education Based On 16 Geography Questions

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Do you know more than the Fifty Nifty United States? We'll tell you how educated you really are!

Find out how much you really know about the world around you by taking this quiz and answering basic geography questions.

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Does your geography knowledge extend beyond the 50 states? Do you know what the capital of Denmark is? Can you name the tallest mountain in the world? How many continents are there in the world? Need to study for a geography test coming up? This is a very fun, but difficult geography challenge! This 16 question geography quiz covers countries, cities, capitals, bodies of water, mountains and landmarks. Have fun with this geography quiz and see if we can correctly guess your level of education based on your score. Taking these types of quizzes is a great way to to keep your mind agile, to test your worldly intelligence, and frankly, to have a lot of fun. Women.com specializes in entertaining, delightful, and silly quizzes that will be a momentary escape from the chaotic world around us. Whether you're a rabid 90s music fan, a proud hometown girl from South Carolina, or a grammar guru, we've got an array of quizzes that will speak to every aspect of who you are and what you love! Challenge yourself with this ultimate 16 question geography test. This test will challenge every corner of your brain and truly give you a fun two and a half minute experience. So, do you think you are ready to take on this ultimate 16 question geography test? Give it a shot! And don't forget to share it with your friends at the end to see if they're as smart as you are! We hope you enjoy this fun, but challenging geography quiz!!

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