Quiz: We Can Tell The Last Time You Read A Book Based On These English Qs

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Do you come across as literate, or illiterate?

Answer the exciting questions in this English and literacy quiz to find out whether you're as good at English as you think you are.

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The more people read, the better their English skills get. So if you have top-quality English skills, people assume that you read often. To find out how frequently you seem like you read, why not take our quiz? Simply answer these fun questions about the English language to pass: "How many vowels are there in the English language?", "No spelling rule in English can ever have exceptions. True or false?", "Which of these sentences is written in the past tense?", "In the word "can't", why is there an apostrophe?", "What does a semicolon look like?", "Which of these sentences is correct?", "There is one universal English language for all English-speaking countries. True or false?", "What is the synonym of annoyed?", "How would you best describe an adjective?", "Which preposition best fits in this sentence: I'm riding ________ the back of a horse.", "Finish this spelling rule: "I before E except after ________ "", "What is the name of a word which means the opposite to another word?", "Which of these is the best example of a metaphor?", "Which of these words has no rhyming word?", "Choose the sentence that is incorrect", "What is the plural form of the word "fish"?", "A colon and a semicolon can always be used interchangeably. True or false?", "Which of these must always start with a capital letter?", "What is the correct name for a word that shows an action, or is a doing word?" and "Choose the apostrophe that's been written incorrectly". Take the quiz now and we'll reveal when you last read a book!

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