How To Help A Friend Going Through A Break Up Based On Their Sign

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Your friend just broke up with his/her lover. What do you do?

Breakups are never easy. Let's look at the different ways a person can help someone through a breakup based on their zodiac sign.

1 - Aries

Aries might be the easiest one on the list to help, because they typically get over breakups easily and the fastest. Since Aries are always on the go, they might've seen it coming, or even initiated the breakup themselves. But, just to be cautious, stay by their side in case they do need someone to talk to.

2 - Taurus

Tauruses are most likely to go through all the emotions that come with a breakup. They're going to need someone patient to help them get though that, whether it's partying their hearts out or crying on the couch. Be prepared to deal with the whole emotional spectrum. But don't worry, once they're through that patch, they'll start to move on.

3 - Gemini

Gemini can tend to hide their feelings. They may need a friend to see through the smile they put up to make it look like everything is fine. Inside, they may be hurting like hell. Helping them talk through it will give them the emotional catharsis to move on. But don't force it, it has to be at the Gemini's pace.

4 - Cancer

Cancers can fall into the downward spiral that can stem of wanting to stay in touch with their ex, aka stalking. You might have to play watchdog to keep them off their ex's social media.

5 - Leo

Because Leo's are natural leaders, they may feel like failures after a breakup. They need to have their confidence restored. That might require a grab bag of goal setting and accomplishing, trying new activities to boost their confidence, and maybe even ex bashing.

6 - Virgo

Since Virgos are so pragmatic, the first step will be to help them friend develop an action plan. Something practical to keep them busy and organized, and completely distracted from the breakup. Maybe offer to help organize and clean out the ex's stuff, or redo their wardrobe, or just plain old spring cleaning. After a breakup, their world might be in chaos, be there to help restore order.

7 - Libra

Libras are going to need friends who can take them out to try new things in order to get their minds of a break up. What better way to forget the old than to try something new? Their need for balance and makes them vulnerable because they have a missing piece in their lives now. Help your Libra friend by filling it with new experiences and joy. Restore that balance for them.

8 - Scorpio

Scorpios can get spiteful, even vengeful. Their scorn runs high. The best way to help a Scorpio from doing anything too bad is to help them through their scorn. Take your Scorpio out for drinks and a night of gossip and ex bashing. They'll thank you in the morning indulging in their anger. And what's wrong with a that sometimes? We all need to let it out and Scorpios appreciate that.

9 - Sagittarius

A Sagittarius typically gets over a breakup easily. What they're looking for is to move on. This may put you in the position of matchmaker then, because your job will be to help a Sagittarius find their rebound. A new fling is just what the doctor ordered, and you're the wingman.

10 - Capricorn

Since Capricorns are ambitious and hardworking, the best way to help them through a breakup would be to help them focus on goals. They may be lost and need a new drive. Whether it's work or personal, giving them something to focus on and achieve will take their minds off a breakup.

11 - Aquarius

Aquarius usually has smooth breakups since they're masters at avoiding confrontation. But since they tend to stay in their comfort zone, they may need you to push them into having some hard conversations if it comes to that. Otherwise, they'll run away from the tough

12 - Pisces

Pisces need lots of love and care. When they're going through a breakup, you will need to be there to provide that. They can be very devastated and need more than a shoulder to cry on. Be there for them because they tend to take it hardest.

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