Quiz: Are You 80s Enough To Name Every One Of These Movies By One Image?

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Can you name every one of these hit movies from the 1980's?

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Get ready for some nostalgia – because who doesn't love all things 80s? No one, surely! The clothes, the hair, and the music – not to mention amazing teen movies! You say you know your 80s movies... Now is the time to prove it! How many movies can you correctly guess based on just one quote? Films like Pretty in Pink, Steel Magnolias, Footloose, and Dirty Dancing are seared in our memories, and you probably know their lines by heart. Not only are they saying what we all want to express to the world, but they also take us back to a happier time. So, if you are ready to challenge your brain, then you’re in luck! Women.com is proud to provide you with fun movies that will be sure to bring out your inner 80s soul!

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