Sorry Californians, There’s No Way You’ll Ace This CA Quiz! Up To It?

Warning: This quiz is impossible for anyone who isn't a California native. Just saying!

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 Nov 03, 2018
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Question: 1/19Pick Your Answer!

"Dude, like, have you seen those waves today? They're double overhead! Totally gnarly, bro." Uh, what?
He's obviously saying the waves are bad today, not surf-able.
He's clearly talking to a friend about the great surfing conditions today.

Question: 2/19Pick Your Answer!

Your friend asks you which freeway to take to get to San Diego. What do you say?
No worries! Just take the 405 South all the way down.
Awesome! Take 405 all the way down until you get there.
Cool! Take I-405 South to San Diego!

Question: 3/19Finish the phrase!

June ______.

Question: 4/19Pick Your Answer!

Californians are stereotyped to totally love which extra add-on, on any food?

Question: 5/19Pick Your Answer!

You can visit the "happiest place on Earth" in Anaheim. What is it?
Universal Studios!
Six Flags!

Question: 6/19Pick Your Answer!

Which iconic bridge can be found in San Francisco?
The Mackinac Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge

Question: 7/19Pick Your Answer!

Let's settle the "best burger" debate right now, once and for all. The best burger is clearly from __.
Burger King
In - n - Out

Question: 8/19Pick Your Answer!

And everyone knows you need to order your burger "animal style" which means __.
With crispy onions and dijon mustard
With onion rings and hot sauce
With grilled onions and a mustard patty

Question: 9/19Pick Your Answer!

True or false? Distance is always told in increments of time and never in actual geographical distance.
False, California traffic is a myth.
True! It doesn't matter if it's only 5 miles, it can take up to 45 minutes.

Question: 10/19Pick Your Answer!

San Jose, CA is home to thousands of very successful tech companies. This area of California is called __.
Silicon Beach
Silicon Mountain
Silicon Valley

Question: 11/19Pick Your Answer!

Which cuisine should you never – ever – try to argue with a Southern Californian about if you're out of state?
Italian. Don't even try.
Chinese. They love their Chinese food.
Mexican. They will win.

Question: 12/19Pick Your Answer!

Within California, which is a seemingly never ending debate?
The superiority of Eastern vs. Western California
The superiority of Northern vs. Southern California

Question: 13/19Pick Your Answer!

And what are Californians referring to when they mention "The Industry"?
The Technology Industry
Ha, trick question! It totally depends on if you're in NorCal or SoCal.
The Entertainment Industry

Question: 14/19Pick Your Answer!

Which insanely popular music festival takes place every spring in Indio, CA?
Outside Lands

Question: 15/19Pick Your Answer!

Every school kid has been through as many __ drills as they have fire drills.

Question: 16/19Pick Your Answer!

What does a Sigalert mean?
There's an accident on the freeway or something blocking freeway lanes
The freeways are extra clear today
There's been an abduction

Question: 17/19Pick Your Answer!

What does 'hella' mean?
Over There
Really or Very

Question: 18/19Pick Your Answer!

Californians love repping their state flag - what type of animal is on it?
A dolphin
A porcupine
A bear

Question: 19/19Pick Your Answer!

Ok, so highways, freeways, or interstates... Which is it California!
They're definitely freeways!
We all call them interstates!
I only say highways. | Quiz Facts

California is a big state, and the locals know that it's obviously the best. We've got everything from amazing weather, to mind-blowing food, to an endless amount of interesting things to do and see. So let's put your California knowledge to the test! Only a true California local can pass this quiz. Think you're up for the challenge?

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